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  1. 323 downloads

    Instructions on security of connecting cable of BU and VVPAT at Polling Stations by taping "Transparent Adhesive Tape".
  2. 1,133 downloads

    The matter regarding deployment of one extra polling official to handle VVPAT unit and VSDU (which is used only in case of M2 M2-M3 VVPATs) has been reconsidered by the Commission and it is directed that no extra polling official is require{ to handle the VVPAT' unit and watch the WI'}AI' status Display Unit (VSDU), whether State is using M2 VVPATs or M2-M3 VVPATs or M3 VVPATs. 3. The Commission further directed that the Polling Officer/In-Charge of the Control Unit (CU) shall also monitor the VSDU where M2 or M2-M3 VVPATs will be used
  3. 4,306 downloads

    ln continuation to the Commission's instructions No.464/INST-BMF/2013-EpS dated 27th January, 2014, No. 464/INST/2016-EPS dated 12th September, 2016 and No. 464/INST/2016-EPS dated 21't December, 2016. The Commission has re-considered the matter and directed that Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) shall be provided by the DEOs at each polling station at the time of poll. These basic minimum facilities are: Provision for ramp - A ramp of slope 1:10 or less should be provided at the polling station to facilitate the PwD (Persons with Disabilities) voters, as per the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of lndia. ln the polling stations where permanent ramps have not been provided, temporary ramp should be provided. Provision for drinking water - There should be a proper arrangement for drinking water facilitieg (300 Litres drinking water pot with disposable glasses) at the polling station(s). ln case, there is no provision for drinking water, make adequate arrangements at the polling station(s) for storage of drinking water pots and one employee or a daily wage-earner shall be deployed at the polling station(s) to refill the water pots and to serve water to the voters standing in the queue. Adequate Furniture - There should be proper provision for basic amenities like tables, chairs and benches for voters standing in the queue at the polling stations. Medical Kit - Make sure a Medical Kit containing Paracetamol medicine & items like gauze pads (4x4 inches)/ large gauze pads/ adhesive bandages/ rolling bandage/ORS/triangular bandages/ wound cleaning agent/scissors / blankeU tweezers/ adhesive tape/ latex gloves / resuscitation equipment etc., alongwith a medical attendant should be made available at each polling station for emergency use of voters. Proper lighting/Electricity arrangements - Make sure that the inside of the voting compartment is sufficiently lighted. lf necessary, arrangement for suitable lighting should be done for each compartment. However, halogen lamps or 200 watt bulbs to be strictly avoided directly above or in front of voting compartment. There should be proper electricity arrangements at the polling stations. lf the power connection is available, the condition of switches/bulbs/fans should be checked. lf power connection is not there, alternative arrangement should be made by hiring of generator sets etc. so that, on the poll day, those polling stations are properly lighted. Help Desk - ln the polling station locations having multiple polling stations, a help desk should be set up with the objective of providing assistance to the voter, facilitating the voters to locate their particular polling station and issuance of voter slips. The Help Desk shall be setup at a prominent spot so that the same is easily visible and approachable as voters visit the premise/building. The Help Desk should be manned by Booth Level Officer (BLO) who should be supplied with alphabetical list of electors. Proper Signage - Proper Signage should be put at the polling station locations for guidance of the voters about the route/layout of the location, facilities available (like ramp, toilet, drinking water etc) and Help Desk. Toilets - There should be separate toilet for men and women voters. lf two toilets are not available, pucca one should be earmarked for female voters and one temporary toilet may be provided for male voters. One employee or a daily wage-earner shall be deployed to keep the toilet clean throughout the day. Shade in Polling Station - Tented arrangement for shades with the size of 15 X 15 Sq Ft. should be made available at each polling station for the ladies/ senior citizens/differently-abled voters and children accompanying them. Volunteers - Volunteers from NCC/NSS/Scout & Guides/ Chunavi Pathshala should be deployed to manage the voters' queue. Volunteers should be provided to assist the PwD voters to reach the polling station. The volunteers shall guide the PwD electors upto the entrance of polling station. lnside the polling station, such PwD electors shall be assisted by polling staff. The age of volunteers should be less than 18 years. There should be arrangements for food for the volunteers engaged at the polling station on the day of poll. The CEO shall prepare a detailed 'Does and Don'ts' for the volunteers. Provision for Food - There should be an arrangement for food for the volunteers engaged at the polling stations during the poll day. Provision for Creche for children - There should be proper arrangement for creche at each polling station for children accompanying the electors. One trained attendant should be deployed to take care of these children. Provision for Transport Facility: Persons with Visual and Locomotive Disabilities and infirmed voters with impaired movement should be provided with public transport. lf public transport is not available, private vehicles should be hired for the purpose. Queue Management: There should be three queues at the polling station: one for male voters, one for ladies voters and another for senior citizens and PwD electors. As per present practice, one male elector should be allowed to vote per two female electors. Preference should be given to senior citizens and PwD electors. Display of Voter Facilitation Posters: As per present practice, there are four posters to be displayed at the polling station to disseminate information to the electors. These four posters should be numbered as ¼, 2/4,3/4 and 4/4 respectively.
  4. 176 downloads

    PRESS NOTE Subject: Allocation of requisite EVMs and VVPATs across all Polling Stations underway – New EVM Management Software to manage inventory. The Election Commission of India is making all preparatory arrangements to ensure EVM VVPAT allocation well in time for General Elections across States. The mandatory First Level Checks and training to District Officers are also being ensured to meet the requirement of 100% VVPATs across approximately 10.6 lakh polling stations for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in 2019. The Commission has been consistently reviewing the status of production and supply of EVMs and VVPATs with the CMDs of PSUs. Around 22.3 lakh Ballot Units, 16.3 lakh Control Units and nearly 17.3 lakh VVPATs will be used for the forthcoming elections in 2019. This number of machines includes the buffer stock for training as well as replacements. The EVM VVPAT inventory is securely managed through a robust tracking system to track all operations on machine movement, First Level Checks, randomization, poll day defects. A more user friendly EVM management Software will be pilot tested in the forthcoming Assembly elections in selected Districts namely Ajmer, Indore, Durg, Aizawl and Mehboobnagar. Till date, Electronic Voting Machines have been used in 113 General Elections of State Assemblies and 3 Lok Sabha Elections since 2000. Use of EVMs has ended the days of booth capturing and the delays and errors in counting of ballot papers. Also during the ballot paper era, large number of votes in each Assembly Constituency ended up being invalid. There have been instances of invalid votes being higher than even the winning margin in several elections. Addition of Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) to the EVM has helped strengthen the voters’ trust and transparency of the voting process. A VVPAT is an independent printer system attached with the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) that allows the voters to verify that their votes are cast as intended. VVPAT slips will be visible to the voter for seven seconds behind the transparent screen of VVPAT, before falling into the sealed compartment at the base of the machine. The specially designed thermal paper, to be used in the VVPAT is capable of retaining the printout for more than five years so that the printout is available for manual verification by the Court, if required in need of a dispute for cross checking the counting of votes cast. So far, VVPATs have been used in 933 State Assembly Constituencies and 18 Parliamentary Constituencies. Till date, VVPATs have been used in all ACs at 100% polling stations during the General Assembly Elections in 7 States, namely, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura and Karnataka, held in 2017-18. Since December 2017, Commission has been suomoto doing a verification of VVPAT count from one randomly selected Polling Station selected per Assembly Constituency. VVPAT slips of 873 VVPATs machines have been counted till now and each of these has exactly matched the count taken from EVMs. The EVMs and VVPATS being used in the ECI election process are manufactured only at the two premium PSUs - Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) under the technical expertise of an independent Technical Expert Committee and supervision of the Election Commission making them absolutely tamper proof. sd-- (Pawan Diwan) Under Secretary
  5. 240 downloads

    Standardized Voting Compartment at Polling Stations-regarding (Bilingual)
  6. 17 downloads

    Bye-Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Uttrakhand, 2014, poll for which is scheduled to be taken on 21st July, 2014 - Commission's Order regarding identification of electors at the polling station
  7. 24 downloads

    Commission's order regarding identification of electors at the polling station during poll to be taken on 20.06.2014 for Maharashtra Legislative Council.
  8. 1,029 downloads

    Standardised Voting Compartment at Polling Stations -Regarding.
  9. 112 downloads

    Polling Day Facilitation of Voters at Polling Stations –Regarding.
  10. 491 downloads

    Assessment and lnventory of Polling Stations - Basic Minimum Facilities (BMF) to be Provided - Regarding.
  11. 20 downloads

    General Election to the State Legislative Assembly of Karnataka- Commission's Order regarding use of Electors Photo Identity Card and other alternative documents for identification of electors at the polling station
  12. 32 downloads

    Identification of electors at the polling station. (Bilingual)
  13. 511 downloads

    Instructions to be followed by Presiding Officers at the polling station at the end of poll (Bilingual)
  14. 45 downloads

    General Election to the Lok Sabha 2009 - Carrying of copy of electoral rolls inside the polling station by polling agents - Regarding. (Bilingual)
  15. 74 downloads

    General Election to the House of People 2009 - Providing of additional Polling Personnel for polling stations having more than 1200 electors - Regarding (Bilingual)
  16. 59 downloads

    Use of VVPATs at Every Polling Station - Maximum Number of Electors per Polling Station - Regarding. (Bilingual)
  17. 121 downloads

    Tracking the presence of polling agents at the polling stations on the poll day and mandatory conduct of Mock Poll and certification therein (Bilingual)
  18. 376 downloads

    General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies-2017 : Setting up of ‘Voter Assistance Booths’ (VAB) at polling stations – reg. (Bilingual)
  19. 434 downloads

    Display of Voter Facilitation Posters(VFPs) at Polling Stations – reg. (Bilingual)
  20. 122 downloads

    Display of Voter Facilitation Posters (VFPs) at Polling Stations – reg. (Bilingual)
  21. 17 downloads

    General elections to the Legislative assemblies of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh-2017 : setting up of ‘Voter Assistance Booths’ (VAB) at polling stations regarding. (Bilingual)
  22. 30 downloads

    National Electoral Rolls Purification (NERP) 2016 drive to improve the health of the Electoral Roll and to rationalize the Polling Stations boundaries and location-regarding (Bilingual)
  23. 67 downloads

    Standardized Voting Compartment at Polling Stations-regarding (bilingual)
  24. 114 downloads

    Presence of polling agents or their substitution by relief agents inside a polling station - regarding
  25. 165 downloads

    Wearing of Political Party's Name / Symbol / Badges / Signs / Slogan inside the Polling Station - Regarding.

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