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Found 24 results

  1. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    © Election Commission of India

  2. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    Compendium of Instructions on Election Expenditure Monitoring was released on the occasion of Observers'Briefing Meeting for General Elections 2019

    © Election Commission of India

  3. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    Themetic Presentation for Observers and the Profile of States/UTs booklet were released on the occasion of Observers'Briefing Meeting for General Elections 2019

    © Election Commission of India

  4. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    National Election Planner was released on the occasion of Observers'Briefing Meeting for General Elections 2019

    © Election Commission of India

  5. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    Chief Election Commissioner of India, Sh. Sunil Arora at the Observers' Briefing Meeting

    © Election Commission of India

  6. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    © Election Commission of India

  7. From the album: Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    Observers' Briefing Meeting -1 GE to Lok Sabha & Legislative Assemblies, 2019

    © Election Commission of India

  8. Version


    No. ECI/PN/27/2019 Dated: 14th March, 2019 PRESS NOTE Sub. : ECI conducts day long sessions to brief the General, Police and Expenditure Observers for the forthcoming Elections As a run up to the forthcoming Elections to the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies of four States, the Election Commission of India today organized the 1st briefing for Observers to be deployed in the Poll going States. Over 1800 senior officers drawn from IAS, IPS officers as also from Indian Revenue Service and few other Central Services attended the briefing meeting. These officers are being deployed as General, Police and Expenditure Observers. Reminding the Observers of their crucial role, the Chief Election Commissioner Sh Sunil Arora pointed out that the officers need to be earnest and have no choice but to ensure that no mistakes are committed. Sh Arora recalled that in the recent State elections held, it took all of miniscule percentages of instances of slippages in following the laid down protocol for EVM-VVPAT procedures or missing out of few names from Electoral Roll, or delay in Counting of votes, rendering all other good work done in the background. He reminded the officers that ECI, set up as a unique institution since 1950 to function as the very bedrock of democratic process, associates officers from varied fields to help conduct the elections as per well defined duties. CEC emphasised that while discharging the onerous duties as Observers while officers observe the electoral process, the ECI observes these officers to ensure that they sincerely discharge the assigned duties. Sh Arora noted that with changed times, concerns about abuse of money power and also social media are posing newer challenges. He said the endeavour of ECI is not only to conduct free and fair elections but also transparent, clean and ethical elections. Election Commissioner Sh Ashok Lavasa reminded the group that as Observers, they need to ensure implementation of all instructions of the ECI in letter and spirit. Sh Lavasa mentioned that the recently launched cVIGIL App has helped empower every citizen also to help the Commission keep a vigilant eye out for violations Model Code of Conduct. But availability of this App has itself put more responsibility on officers managing and overseeing the electoral system. He reiterated that the Observers need to be accessible and available to all stakeholders on the ground as the officers are literally the extended arms of ECI in the field. Addressing the officers, Election Commissioner Sh Sushil Chandra drew the attention of the Officers that as Observers their role is to be eyes and ears of the Commission in keeping a watchful eye and to take all preventive measures to ensure free and fair elections. He pointed out that the role of Expenditure Observers becomes crucial when methods of inducements to voters are becoming very innovative too. During the day long briefing sessions, the officers were given comprehensive and thorough inputs about the various aspects of election management by the Senior Deputy Election Commissioner, DECs and DGs of ECI. Detailed thematic presentations were made on Election planning, Observer’s roles and responsibilities, electoral roll issues, enforcement of Model Code of Conduct, legal provisions, EVM/VVPAT management, media engagement and the wide array of activities undertaken for voter facilitation under the Commission’s flagship SVEEP (Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation) programme. The Observers were also acquainted with the various IT initiatives and mobile applications launched by the Commission for voter facilitation as well as effective and efficient management of election process in the field. The Observers were provided functional demonstration of EVMs and VVPATs and briefed about the multifarious technical security features, administrative protocols and procedural safeguards that surround the EVM ecosystem to make it completely secure, robust, reliable, non-tamperable and credible. Comprehensive publications unveiled by the Commission, namely compilation of all thematic presentations on different subjects of Election Management, State/UT profiles and National Election Planner and Compendium of Instructions on Election Expenditure Monitoring were provided to the Observers to facilitate their work. ECI for the first time has also started a new mobile app called ‘Observer App’. Using this App, General, Police and Expenditure observers can submit their Observer's report securely to ECI to upload the relevant document from the mobile app. The Observers will get all important notifications, alerts, and urgent messages on this App while they are on duty. It will also facilitate observers to get their deployment status, download the ID card and update their profile. Since the observers will be closely involved in real-time disposal of Model Code of Conduct and expenditure violation cases, cVIGIL App will help them see all these cases under their jurisdiction. The Observers can make a written observation after the flying squads have investigated the matter. Observers are put on deputation with ECI for the entire duration of the election process.
  9. Version


    No. ECI/PN/25/2019 Dated: 12th March,2019 PRESS NOTE Subject: Meeting with the Commission of the three Special Observers appointed for Jammu & Kashmir. The Special Central Observers Dr. Noor Mohammad, IAS (1977, retd) , Sh Vinod Zutshi , IAS (1982, retd) and Sh. A.S.Gill, IPS (1972, retd), appointed by the Election Commission of India for assessment of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, met with the Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora, Election Commissioners Shri Ashok Lavasa and Shri Sushil Chandra at ECI Headquarters in New Delhi today. Shri Sunil Arora, Chief Election Commissioner welcomed the Special Central Observers and thanked them for having accepted this onerous and delicate assignment, which entails assessing the situation of J&K on real time basis in the context of para 62 of the Press Statement given by CEC on 10th March, 2019 while making the announcement of the schedule of elections:- “62.The Commission will be regularly and on real time basis monitoring the situation in J & K and will also be taking inputs from all necessary quarters and decision regarding holding Legislative Assembly elections in J & K will be taken soon.” During the meeting it was requested to the Special Observers that they may kindly visit the State at the earliest, a suggestion which was accepted by them. Shri Ashok Lavasa and Shri Sushil Chandra, Election Commissioners also briefed them during the interactive session which lasted for almost 2 hours. DEC-in-charge of the State Mr. Sandeep Saxena briefed them about preparedness of election in J&K and gave other details regarding the State. The Commission discussed with them about their roles and responsibilities. The three Central Observers would be required to visit the State and make a real time assessment of the situation by meeting Political Parties, district and state authorities and other stake holders. Shri A S Gill has wide experience in field of security management in difficult areas. He was IG:CRPF in J &K between 1995-97 and subsequently superannuated as DG:CRPF. Dr. Noor Mohammad, a former Secretary to Government of India has worked more than a decade in the fields of election management as Chief Electoral Officer of Uttar Pradesh, Deputy Election Commissioner in ECI, international expert and consultant on election in Afghanistan for many years. Shri Vinod Zutshi, former Secretary in the Central Government also has wide experience for more than a decade in elections at the state level as CEO, Rajasthan and at the ECI level as Deputy Election Commissioner for more than five years.
  10. Version


    Daily availability of Observers (preferably between 4 PM to 5PM) at decided locations – regarding.
  11. Version


    Daily availability of Observers to redress the grievances, complaint etc
  12. Version


    General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Arunachal Pradesh , Haryana and Maharashtra - Reports by Observers - regarding.
  13. Version


    Presentation for Observers
  14. ECI




  15. Version


    Role of Observers in conducting Free, Fair & Peaceful Elections
  16. Version


    Briefing of Observers (Puducherry-Overview)
  17. Version


    Election Expenditure Monitoring (EEM)-Briefing of Expenditure Observers
  18. ECI

    Role of Observers



    Role of Observers
  19. Version


    Role of Observers in Conducting Free, Fair, & Peaceful Elections
  20. Version

    1 download

    Briefing for the observers-GE to Legislative Assemblies of Assam and West Bengal 2016
  21. Version


    Role of Observers-GE to Legislative Assemblies of Assam & West Bengal 2016
  22. Version


    ECI Officers Portal (Observers)
  23. Version


  24. Version


    Provision of facilities for Observers.

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