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    No. ECI/PN/53/2019 Dated: 12th May, 2019 Press Note More than 65 Representatives from 20 Election Management Bodies across the World witness 17th Lok Sabha Elections as part of Election Commission's Election Visitors' Programme Heads and Representatives of 20 Election Management Bodies (EMBs) from across the World, namely Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Fiji, Georgia, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Romania, Russia, Srilanka, Suriname, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe and International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) have arrived in New Delhi to witness the ongoing General Elections to 17th Lok Sabha. More than 65 such delegates have been invited by Election Commission of India to join the Election Visitors Program. Addressing the participants, the Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Sunil Arora lauded the foresight and vision of forefathers of Indian Constitution in establishing the Election Commission of India a day before the promulgation of the Republic. While quoting from Article 324 of the Constitution of India, Sh Arora reiterated that Election Commission of India is firmly committed to ensure free, fair and robust elections in the country. He added that Election Commission of India had never been deterred by the sceptics & critics and as always, is committed to function as per the principles and ideals enshrined in the Constitution of India by our visionary forefathers. "The objective and intention of the Commission is to always keep learning from the experiences of the past for necessary course corrections for the future" Shri Arora emphasised. Citing vignettes from recent phases of election coverage, Shri Arora said further efforts would be made to make the election process more robust, ethical, inclusive, accessible and participative. CEC announced that Committees will be set up to study best practices from the States, document issues and challenges faced; further improve upon procedural measures to strengthen learnings from these Elections and identify critical gaps if any. Shri Arora also highlighted the recent IT initiatives taken and particularly the effectiveness of c-Vigil Application of the ECI which has truly empowered the citizens in help reporting instances of violations of MCC and play critical role in the entire electoral process. Acknowledging the role of entire team of ECI in meeting the varied challenges in smoothly conducting elections in world’s largest democracy, Sh Arora, as a gesture of esprit de corps introduced the ECI team leaders of different divisions at the headquarters to the Delegates. Election Commissioner Sh Ashok Lavasa recalled that India has come a long way from 1950 when World was skeptical of decolonized India being able to handle democracy. "Its a tribute to forefathers of Indian Constitution that Universal Right to Vote was granted from day one" he pointed out. "We take comfort from the fact that from the first election of 1952 when mere 170 million electorates, spread across 2 lakh polling stations, the participative exercise of Indian Elections has now grown to more than 910 million voters for whom ECI machinery organizes more than 10 lakh polling stations". Sh Lavasa noted that adoption and adaptation of technology embraced by ECI has helped manage this large scale electoral process, making it one of the largest management exercise in the World. Shri Sushil Chandra in his address to the participants of the Election Visitors' Programme highlighted the comprehensive preparations set in place by ECI for the conduct of elections to the 17th Lok Sabha across 543 Parliamentary Constituencies of the country along with General Elections to the State Legislatures of Andhra Pradesh, Arunanchal Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim, in a free, fair and peaceful manner. "Abuse of money power in Elections is widely recognized as the greatest challenge faced both by the established and emerging democracies across the world", he pointed out. ECI accordingly has made elaborate arrangements for effective implementation of Election Expenditure Monitoring mechanism. Deployment of General, Police and Expenditure Observers as also Micro observers, to keep a watchful eye on the mammoth electoral process ensures the sanctity and purity of electoral process, he informed the Delegates. Senior officials of the Election Commission made comprehensive presentations to apprise the foreign delegates on the role and responsibilities of the Election Commission of India and various challenges in planning and organizing elections in the world’s largest democracy. Presentations regarding political party registrations; Election Commission’s advance training & research wing- India International Institute of Democracy & Election Management (IIIDEM); preparation of Electoral Rolls and IT initiatives; Electoral Voting Machines and VVPATs; briefing on Media and Social Media Interaction; Election laws and related matters were made. Second issue of ECI's quarterly magazine "My Vote Matters" was also released on this occasion by the Commission. The Magazine presents a comprehensive glimpse of preparatory initiatives in different States for the ongoing elections. First issue of this magazine was presented by Chief Election Commissioner Sh Sunil Arora to the Hon'ble President of India Sh Ram Nath Kovind on the National Voters' Day 25th January 2019. Welcoming the Delegates, Shri Umesh Sinha, Sr. Deputy Election Commissioner underscored that these visits provide a good opportunity for sharing of experiences and an exchange of best practices among the Election Management Bodies. He also gave an overview of the election planning, security management and the initiatives taken by the Commission under its flagship programme SVEEP for voter education and awareness. He said that today all EMBs across the World need to learn from the experiences of each other to meet new challenges. The conduct of elections in India is an exercise gigantic in scale and complexity. On May 11, 2019 the eve of elections to the sixth phase, the delegates visited South Delhi, East Delhi, Chandnichowk, West Delhi and Gurgaon Parliamentary constituencies to get a glimpse of the poll preparedness activities, dispatch of polling parties and the massive logistic arrangements put in place to ensure a free, fair and festive elections. They interacted with the district level poll machinery headed by the DEO/RO .Thereafter the delegation visited India international Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM), the new training and research campus of ECI located at Dwarka which has the capacity to train close to 900 personnel at one go. This state of the art campus will host several international and domestic training programs of ECI. The delegates were very keen to understand the entire panorama of election events in India. On May 12, 2019 they witnessed conduct of mock poll early in the morning at various polling stations at Dwarka. They interacted with the polling officials and understood the procedures and processes that make our elections so credible and transparent. The delegates visited various polling stations in North West Delhi, East Delhi, Chandni Chowk. South Delhi and Gurgaon through the day to see the polling-in –action and the festive air that surrounds polling. They visited some polling stations which are managed entirely by women polling staff as also some model polling stations with the best of facilities for the voters. The delegates also interacted with the Chief electoral officer of Delhi to get the perspective on elections from the state level. They also visited the Election Museum at CEO office Delhi .The close of polling and the protocols that accompany the sealing of the machines was another aspect that the delegates will be exposed to during the day. The Delegates also included a team of 6 Members and 9 Sr. Election officers from Election Commission of Myanmar visiting India as part of training program being conducted by the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM) under the sponsorship of the Ministry of External Affairs.
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    The document contains Reconciled Consolidated Voter Turnout data of Lok Sabha 2019 (Provisional phase wise polling day voter turnout data has been replaced and data reconciled with official documents as per prescribed procedure is posted)
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    No. ECI/PN/60/2019 Dated: 25th May, 2019 PRESS NOTE Subject: Election Commission of India submits list of newly elected members to the 17th Lok Sabha to the Hon'ble President of India Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Sunil Arora along with Election Commissioners Shri Ashok Lavasa and Shri Sushil Chandra, called on the Hon’ble President of India at 1230 hrs today (May 25, 2019). A copy of the Notification issued by the Election Commission of India in terms of Section 73 of the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, containing the names of Members elected to the House of the People – following General Elections to the 17th Lok Sabha – was submitted by them to the Hon’ble President. Afterwards, the Chief Election Commissioner, both the Election Commissioners and senior officers of the Election Commission of India went Rajghat to seek blessings of the Father of the Nation after the conclusion of the elections.
  4. From the album: Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Sunil Arora along with Election Commissioners Shri Ashok Lavasa and Shri Sushil Chandra, called on the Hon’ble President of India

    Chief Election Commissioner, both the Election Commissioners and senior officers of the Election Commission of India went Rajghat to seek blessings of the Father of the Nation after the conclusion of the elections.
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  6. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 24.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 24.05.2019
  7. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 23.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 23.05.2019
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    Memorandum submitted by 22 Political Parties regarding process to be followed for counting of VVPAT Slips in General Elections-2019 reg.
  9. Communication

    Control room at ECI

    Version 1.0.0


    No. ECI/PN/57/2019 Dated: 21st May, 2019 Press Note Control room at ECI A 24 hour EVM Control Room has been made functional at Nirvachan Sadan to monitor complaints relating to polled EVMs. The complaints related to storage issues at strongrooms, security of strongrooms, permissions to candidates to post their agents at strongrooms, cctv monitoring, movement of any EVMs, and any complaints during counting related to EVMs can be informed at control room number is 011-23052123 (with 5 hunting lines)
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    No. ECI/PN/58/2019 Dated: 22nd May, 2019 Press Note General Election to the House of the People – 2019 Real-Time Dissemination of Counting Day Trends and Results The Counting of Votes for General Election to the House of the People – 2019 shall be held on 23rd May, 2019. In this regard, the Commission has come up with a new IT based initiative, which will enable the system in providing real-time trends and results of the vote counting across the States/UTs. The counting trends and results will be available on the ECI Website at the URL as well as on the Voter Helpline App, both iOS and Android Mobile Apps. The dissemination will start functioning from 8.00 a.m. on the Counting Day and would be continuously updated. The Voter Helpline App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. For the first time, the citizens can use a smart phone to know the results. They can use the available filter to find out the winning/leading or trailing candidate details, along with the Constituency-wise or State-wise results from the Voter Helpline App. The citizens can bookmark their favourite candidate and watch the real-time results, as per their convenience on the Voter Helpline App or make a wish list to track the real-time status. The local display of the trends and results by the CEOs/ROs/DEOs will also be done through the Digital Display Panels provided by Election Commission of India.
  11. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 22.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 22.05.2019
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    No. 464/INST/EPS-2019 Dated: 21st May, 2019 To The Chief Electoral Officer of, All the States/Union Territories. Subject: Carrying of Mobile Phone by Returning Officers/ Assistant Returning Officers inside the Counting Hall – reg. Reference: 1. The ECI’s instruction No.470/INST/2014-EPS, dated 8th May, 2014. 2. The ECI’s instruction No.470/INST/2014-EPS, dated 15th May, 2014. Sir/Madam, I am directed to invite your attention to the Commission’s instructions referred above and to state that in view of inception of Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot Paper System (RTPBS) wherein One-Time Password (OTP) is received on mobile phones, the Commission has directed that on the day of counting, (i) Only that mobile phone of the RO/ARO/Counting supervisor/s, linked to ETPBS, to be used to receive ‘OTP’ to log into ETPBS to start counting thereof have to be brought inside the counting hall; (ii) The mobile handsets will be switched on only to receive ‘OTP’ and be switched off once the system is logged on to ETPBS; (iii) Inside the counting hall, such mobile handsets are to be kept in the custody of ARO/RO/Observer, whosoever is the senior most officer in the Counting Hall for ETPBS counting, in switched off mode till the counting is over. (iv) In case login is closed for some reasons, Counting Supervisor can get the mobile from the officer to whom the mobile set was submitted to receive OTP once again for enabling him to re-login, and after re-login, he should return the mobile to same officer in switched off mode. (v) A declaration be got signed by all users separately about Dos and Don’ts for mobile usage. (vi) Specific permission be sought from concerned CEO for number of users in each case with the requisite mobile phone numbers being used. Mobile phones are to be allowed inside the Counting hall for all such users.
  13. 891 downloads

    Issues regarding counting of VVPAT slips: Non-deletion of mock poll data from the Control Unit or non-removal of mock poll slips from VVPAT- counting of votes thereof and mismatch in Mandatory Verification process- regarding.
  14. 538 downloads

    Mandatory verification of VVPAT paper -regarding.
  15. Observer Planing Section



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  17. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 21.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 21.05.2019
  18. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 20.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 20.05.2019
  19. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 19.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 19.05.2019
  20. SDR Division

    Counting of votes-regarding


    I am directed to refer to the Commission’s letters No. 470/2003/JS.II dated 25th November, 2003 and 470/2009/EPS dated 21st January, 2009 regarding Counting of Votes. It was, inter-alia, directed that the penultimate round of EVM counting is not be taken up until the counting of all Postal Ballot Papers is completed. There is also an instruction that if victory margin is less than the number of postal ballot papers, re-verification of all postal ballot papers should be carried out by the Returning Officer. 2. With the introduction of ETPBS and casting of postal ballot by election duty staff at the facilitation centre, the number of postal ballot papers for counting has gone up considerably. Further, with the requirement of mandatory QR code reading for the ETPBS, the postal ballot counting will now require more time. Moreover, there is a mandatory VVPAT slips count of five Polling Stations per Assembly Segment in addition to the cases of VVPAT count that may be required on account of other reasons, such as CU not being cleared after mock poll, the CU not displaying the results at the time of counting, etc. 3. In view of the above, the Commission has reviewed the above referred instructions and the modified instructions are as follows: - (i) The instruction that the penultimate round of EVM counting should be taken up only after completion of Postal Ballot counting is withdrawn. Accordingly, the EVM counting can go on irrespective of the stage of Postal Ballot counting. Once the EVM counting is completed, the VVPAT slips counting can start as per the prescribed procedure for counting VVPAT slips. (ii) The Commission’s instruction for mandatory re-counting of all postal ballot papers on the ground that the margin of victory is less than the number of postal ballot has been revised to the effect that where the margin of victory is less than the number of Postal Ballot papers rejected as invalid at the time of counting, all the rejected Postal Ballot papers shall be mandatorily re-verified by the Returning Officer before declaration of result. Whenever, such re-verification is done, the entire proceedings should be video-graphed as per the instructions in paragraph 7 of the Commission’s letter No. 470/2009/EPS dated 21-01-2009, referred to above
  21. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 18.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 18.05.2019 68 kb
  22. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 17.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 17.05.2019
  23. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 16.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 16.05.2019

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