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    Note on Electors Verification Programme (EVP), Pre-revision Activities and SSR 2020 Instructions on EVP and SSR 2020 issued on 25th July 2019. Supplementary letter giving details on the operationalization of EVP were issued on 25th July 2019. Discussion with CEO MP and DEOs of Bhopal and Indore done and feedback taken by Sr. DEC SS on 26th and 27th July 2019. Video Conference with CEOs on EVP, Pre-revision Activities and SSR 2020 was conducted on 30th July 2019 by Sr. DEC SS, PS NNB and Dir IT. (Minutes enclosed) As suggested by CEOs during VC, letter containing revised EVP schedule etc. was issued on 31st July 2019. Discussions with representatives of CSCs and e-Mitra of Rajasthan were done on 1st August 2019 by Sr. DEC SS and Dir IT. Discussions were held with Dir NeGD for provision of gateway for NVSP/Voter Helpline App involving Umang Platform without sharing/ routing of Data. Possibility of fetching verified documents from digi-locker through Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) mechanism avoiding physical uploading. After finalizing the technical modalities, separate proposal would be submitted to Commission on point 7 and 8 above, for consideration and approval. A. Plan of Action for rollout of EVP and Pre-revision activities 1. List of SVEEP Activities to be done at ECI level before Roll out (Action -SVEEP divn, Training Division along with ER and IT/ICT Divn): Collection of available SVEEP Material for ERs. NERP. NERPAP, SSR etc Preparing Standard Advertisements, Banners, jingle etc. by modifying existing and designing new Preparing audio visuals or audio and text material for Radio Jingle, Social media and You tube Preparing Common Advertisements for release on 16/08/2019 and to be released with modification on 31st August and 15th September 2019 Preparing general framework for engagement with RWAs, Campus ambassadors, ELCs, BAGs etc. A group of CEOs may be identified to monitor and finalize all the above which would Include nearby CEOs such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, MP. Preparing Training and Capacity Building Material for each of the official involved with EVP. Arranging for conduct of training of SLMTs by ER and IT division on 7th August 2019. 2. Modification in the Portals and Apps to be done by IT/ICT Division along with ER Divn. Incorporating in NVSP all features and facilities a required under EVP on or before 5th Aug 2019 Incorporating all features in Hybrid BLO App for EVP on or before 5th Aug 2019 Preparing all necessary processes and UI on ERONET for EVP to roll out on 12th Aug 2019 ( by 5th Aug development server to be set up for training purposes ) Preparing Voter Helpline APP on or before 5th Aug 2019 Designing 1950 Process protocol and protocol for login through NGS Designing process protocol and protocol for login CSC/VFS Capacity Building and Training (Officers details to be updated) Preparing GIS module/ protocol – for Improved Maps, address, Section and Part standardization. Parameter for monitoring progress w.r.t. Dashboard indicating Collection, Verification and address standardization Mechanism for generation of Alerts BLO Performance w.r.t. Collection and verification Provision of capturing Registered Death data at DEO level in ERO Net. 3. List of Activities to be done at CEO Level before 15th August 2019:- Sensitization, Motivation and Mobilization of Citizens and stakeholders and volunteers such as RWAs, Campus ambassadors, ELCs, BAGs etc. Devising and rolling out an effective SVEEP Plan, both conventional and through print, electronic and social media, to motivate citizens to use either NVSP or visit Facilitation centers so as to maximize information collection of the voters/electors/citizens Identification of officials to carry out EVP Programme Identification and activation of engagement of CSCs, Other Voter Facilitation Centers or State Level Agencies to facilitate easy participation of citizens in EVP at front-end Signing of MoU, NDA and completion of other formalities for data safety and security. Identification of State Nodal person from dealing with CSCs to work as a link with ECI and establishing technical connectivity with NVSP, ERO Net and EVP Portal by identified CSCs/agencies Full-fledged pre-testing of the working of technical systems Display of ECI Verified Voter Facilitation Center Banner in each authorized Center. Fixing responsibilities of each person who is using portal for conduct of EVP for information collection and verification Training of personnel working at CSCs/VFCs Capacity Building/Training of stakeholders Training of DLMTs and ACLMTs by SLMTs and then cascaded training from District down to up to BLO. Sensitizing stakeholders repeatedly Training of 1950 Voter helpline Centers Briefing to Chief Secretary of the State regarding EVP, SSR 2020 and requesting them for full support. Activating mechanism of capturing Registered Death data at DEO level in ERO Net. Plan of action to effective implementation of EVP so that full verification is achieved by 30.09.2019. 4. List of Activities to be done ER Division and IT division along with Zona Sections:- To organize training at 4th Floor Conference Hall in the afternoon of on 7th August 2019 in which all US/Secy/PS/Sr Prl Secy and Sr DECs/DECs/DG must participate. Issue progress report to Zonal divisions every week and poor performing states on daily basis for required follow up. Periodical Review of states by VC on the progress of EVP Prepare Visit Schedule of Zonal Secy/PS/Sr Prl Secy (One visit each in months of Aug/Sept)
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    By e-mail/Speed Post ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA NIRVACHAN SADAN, ASHOKA ROAD, NEW DELHI -110001 No.23/2019-ERS (Vol.-III) Dated:12thOctober, 2019 To, The Chief Electoral Officers of all States & UTs (except Haryana, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Maharashtra) Subject: - Revised schedule for Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rollsw.r.t. 01.01.2020 as the qualifying date and Electors Verification Programme (EVP)- regarding. Reference:- 1. Letter Nos.23/LET/ECI/FUNC/ERD-ER/2019, dated 25.07.2019 2. Letter No.23/2019-ERS (Vol.-III), dated 31.07.2019 3. Letter No.23/LET/ECI/FUNC/ERD-ER/2019, dated 02.08.2019 4. Letter No.23/2019-ERS (Vol.-III), dated 09.08.2019 5. Letter No.23/2019-ERS (Vol.-III), dated 30.08.2019, and 6. Letter No.23/2019-ERS (Vol.-III), dated 28.09.2019 Sir/Madam, I am directed to refer to the Commission’s letters mentioned above on the subject cited whereby schedule for the Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls w.r.t. 01.01.2020 and Electors Verification Programme (EVP) along with the necessary instructions/guidelines were communicated. The commission has reviewed the progress of EVP. It has been observed that the progress of EVP is considerably slow and verification/authentication of large number of electors is yet to be done. Large numbers of Forms are also being received for inclusion/deletion/correction, which are to be disposed of before draft publication. The Commission has also received requests from CEOs for more time to complete the remaining work. 2. Keeping in view the position mentioned above, the Commission has decided to extend the period for completion of EVP and accordingly changed the schedule of SSR, 2020, as per the table given below. As general election to the Legislative Assembly of Delhi is due in the first quarter of next year, a separate schedule has been fixed for EVP and SSR, 2020 in Delhi. S. NO. Activity Period Delhi Remaining states 1. EVP and other pre-revision activities including rationalization of polling stations. To be extended upto 31st October, 2019 (Thursday) To be extended upto 18th November, 2019 (Monday) 2. Publication of Integrated draft electoral roll By 15th November, 2019 (Friday) By 25th November, 2019 (Monday) 3. Period for filing claims & objections From 15th November, 2019 (Friday) to 16th December, 2019 (Monday) From 25th November, 2019 (Monday) to 24th December, 2019 (Tuesday) 4. Disposal of Claims and Objections By 26th December, 2019 (Thursday) By 10th January, 2020 (Friday) 5. Preparation of Supplements By 2nd January, 2020 (Thursday) By 17th January, 2020 (Friday) 6. Final Publication of electoral roll On 6th January, 2020 (Monday) On 20th January, 2020 (Monday) 3. The BLOs shall be directed to do verification work with assistance of BLO App. However, where BLO app is not working, BLOs will do House to House verification in necessary formats in hard copy. 4. Four Formats for house to house verification i.e. Format – I (for existing electors), Format – II (for unenrolled eligible citizens), Format-III (for feedback on existing polling stations), Format-IVA (for prospective electors, who will be eligible in SSR, 2020) and Format-IVB (for prospective electors, who will be eligible in SSR, 2021) have been devised and the same are being sent herewith. No separate handbill is required to be given/collected by BLOs, as the necessary fields of handbill have been included in Format-I. 5. As per existing instructions, the electors have been asked to authenticate their entries individually with one of the documents mentioned in the list approved by the Commission and the BLOs have also been asked to collect a copy of the document authenticated. This instruction has been modified in light of the suggestions received from CEOs.It has been decided that henceforth authentication with a document in respect of head of the family will be sufficient in respect of entries of all other family members. The BLOs may see the physical document and should not insist for copy of the same. If the elector refuses/objects to give/show the copy of any of the document, BLO may mention that in his report and his verification should be taken as complete if, the elector is found to be physically residing at the place/address mentioned in the electoral roll. 6. The Commission has further directed that non-standard EPIC numbers should be converted to standard 10 digit alphanumeric numbers for making EPIC number as unique no. of the elector which will continue with the same elector throughout his life, irrespective of his migration from one place to another. The issuance of fresh EPIC with new EPIC number may be done, depending upon availability of funds at the state level. For updating old EPIC numbers to new EPIC numbers, provision is being given to ERO in the ERO-Net itself. Detailed mechanism in the matter is being prepared by the IT Division of the Commission. Wherever the mobile number of elector is available, a message may be sent regarding the updated EPIC number to the elector concerned. It has also been decided that while printing such EPIC both the numbers will be printed on it. A sample copy of the EPIC is enclosed herewith. 7. The Commission has directed that all the activities of EVP like verification of entries of existing electors, collection of details/forms in respect of un-enrolled eligible citizens/dead/permanently shifted electors, standardization of addresses, collection of feedback on polling stations and their rationalization, collection of details of deceased electors from the points of last rites, verification of DSEs and logical errors etc., shall be completed in the extended period. 8. All the officials/ officers concerned shall be informed of the Commission’s above directions for its compliance. 9. Wide publicity to the modified schedule of SSR, 2020 shall be made through all available media. Political Parties shall be informed of the modified schedule in writing. Yours faithfully, (AJOY KUMAR) SECRETARY
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    No. ECI/PN/79/2019 Dated: 1st September, 2019 Election Commission of India Launches a One Stop Solution to Verify & Authenticate Voter Details On the occasion of the nationwide mega million launch of Electors Verification Programme, a special camp was held at Election Commission of India Headquarters in New Delhi on September 1, 2019. Unveiling the initiative on National Voters’ Service Portal ( and Voter Helpline App, Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora said, ‘Electoral Roll is the foundation on which the entire superstructure of the Election Commission of India stands. I urge all the citizens to participate in the verification programmes so that the Commission can provide better electoral services in all forthcoming elections.’ Reiterating the importance of a healthy electoral roll, Election Commissioner Shri Ashok Lavasa said, ‘It is an important opportunity for all the voters to verify and authenticate their details. Participation of people is paramount to the success of the drive, I urge all to come forward and ensure an error free Electoral Roll as it is the heart of the electoral process.’ He also said that just as FIT INDIA, launched a few days ago, was meant to keep us healthy, the EVP campaign was meant to improve the health of our electoral rolls. The main aim of the programme is to improve the health of Electoral rolls and to provide better electoral services to citizens and increase the level of Communication between voters and the Commission. The program has been launched at all Levels starting from the State/UT Headquarters by 32 CEOs, District level by about 700 DEOs and at around 1 million Polling Stations by BLOs/EROs and will continue from September 1, 2019 to October 15, 2019. The voters can log on to NVSP portal ( or Voter Helpline App or Common Service Centres or any nearby voter facilitation centre to avail the following facilities. ϖ Verification and corrections of the existing details ϖ Authentication of entry by furnishing scanned/DigiLocker copy of one of the following documents: (i) Indian Passport (ii) Driving License (iii) Aadhaar Card (iv) Ration Card (v) identity card for Government/Semi Government Officials (vi) Bank Passbooks (vii) Farmer's Identity Card (viii) PAN Card (ix) Smart Card issued by RGI (x) Latest bill for water/electricity/telephone/gas connection. ϖ Furnishing details of family members and verifying their entries too ϖ Updating details of family members already enrolled as voters but permanently shifted or expired ϖ Furnishing details of eligible un-enrolled family members (born on or before 01.01.2001) and prospective electors born between (02.01.2002 till 01.01.2003) who are residing with the elector. ϖ Furnishing GIS Coordinates of House (through Mobile App) to avail better electoral Services ϖ Feedback regarding existing Polling Stations and suggestions on alternate PS, if any The one time authentication of details and sharing contact detail would help electors to get update of online application status, status of EPIC, Election Day announcement, voter slip on their registered email and mobile number. Regular notification on modifications on Serial No. and details of Polling Station, Change in BLO/ ERO, all information related to Polling Station will also be shared with the Electors. Starting the endeavour at its helm, the employees of the Commission verified and authenticated their details along with their family.
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    SVEEP strategy for EVP - regarding.
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    By E-mail / Speed Post ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA NIRVACHAN SADAN, ASHOKA ROAD, NEW DELHI -110001 No. 23/LET/ECI/FUNC/ERD-ER/2019 Dated: 02ndAugust, 2019 To, The Chief Electoral Officers of all States/UTs (Except Haryana, Jharkhand and Maharashtra) Subject: -Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls with reference to 01.01.2020 as the qualifying date-Electors Verification Program (EVP)- Detailed Guidelines thereof- regarding. Reference: 1. Commission’s letters of even number both dated 25th July, 2019 on the above subject. 2. Commission’s letter of even number dated 31st July 2019. Sir/Madam, I am directed to refer to the Commission’s above mentioned letters and to send herewith detailed guidelines for conduct of Electors Verification Program(EVP) for improvement of health of Electoral Rolls and enrolment of all eligible citizens during Special Summary Revision,2020by verification/authentication of electors’ details through crowd sourcing and verification through field inputs by BLOs: 1. Period of EVP: from 16thAugust 2019 to 30thSeptember, 2019. 2. The objectives of the EVP are: (i) To verify elector’s details and indicate corrections in details,if any, including Photograph and authenticationof entry (ii) To obtain details of family membersand verifying their entries (iii) To obtain contact details/ GIS Coordinates (With Smart Phone) to provide better Electoral Services. (iv) To obtain inputs about existing/ probable Polling Stations (v) To improve health of electoral Roll

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ECI Main websiteThe Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India. The body administers elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies in India, and the offices of the President and Vice President in the country. The Election Commission operates under the authority of Constitution per Article 324, and subsequently enacted Representation of the People Act. 

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