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  1. 232 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/08/2020 Dated: 17th January, 2020 Press Note Subject: Election Commission of India gets ‘Award for Excellence’ for cVIGIL and Voter Helpline App The two innovative ICT applications of Election Commission of India i.e. ‘cVIGIL’ and ‘Voter Helpline App’ developed in-house have won the eGovernance ‘Award of Excellence’ for the year 2019. The award was presented at KiiT, Bhubaneswar. Dr. Kushal Pathak, Director ICT & CISO, ECI and Chief Electoral Officer of Odisha, Sh. Sushil Kumar Lohani received the award on behalf of ECI. These awards were given by Computer Society of India (CSI), Special Interest Group on e-Governance (CSI SIG e-Gov) at KiiT, Bhubaneswar on 17th January 2020. cVIGIL empowers Citizens to report Model Code of Conduct Violations such as bribery, free gift, liquor distribution, playing loudspeakers beyond the permissible time during the elections. By using a simple mobile app, the citizen captures the live photo or video. The Election machinery comes into action immediately as they get the evidentiary proof of the violation. Every cVIGIL case is acted upon and replied back with the action taken in the 100-minute timeline. The cVIGIL is now been used in Delhi elections. Since its first pilot in five states’ Assembly General elections during October- December 2018 till the Jharkhand State Assembly General elections during November-December 2019, a total number of 1,71,745 cases have been filled through cVIGIL and from which 1,27,567 (74%) of the cases have been found correct. The mobile app is available at Google Play store here: and in Apple Store here: Voter helpline App with 2.16 Crore downloads from the App stores of Google and Apple, this national award-winning application has taken roots as a major tool for citizen empowerment. The application provides an option for voters to search their name in 90+ crore electors database, fill forms for new voter registration, migration and corrections, allow downloading of digital photo voter slips, displays the complete information about the contesting candidates and their affidavits and most importantly allows voters to view the real-time results. The application is available from the google play store and Apple Store. These awards of excellence to the ICT initiatives of ECI recognizes the ICT vision of Election Commission of India and the efforts of ECI officials at all levels in bringing eGovernance initiatives to fruition for the benefit of the Citizens and the stakeholders.
  2. ECI

    What is cVIGIL

    Presently there is a lack of fast information channel to transmit and track complaints on MCC violations. Delay in reporting of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations has often resulted in the culprits escaping detection from the flying squads of election commission entrusted to ensure enforcement of Model Code of Conduct. Further, lack of any documented, untampered, evidence in the form of pictures or videos was a major hurdle in establishing the veracity of a complaint ex-post facto. The Commission’s experience has also shown a significant percentage of reporting was false or inaccurate, which led to wastage of precious time of Field Units. Further, the absence of a robust response system to quickly and accurately identify the scene of occurrence with the help of geographical location details hampered election officers’ ability to reach the spot on time to apprehend the violators. The new cVIGIL app launched by Election Commission of India is expected to fill in all these gaps and create a fast-track complaint reception and redressal system. cVIGIL is an innovative mobile application for citizens to report Model Code of Conduct and Expenditure violations during the elections. ‘cVIGIL’ stands for Vigilant Citizen and emphasizes the proactive and responsible role citizens can play in the conduct of free and fair elections. cVIGIL, a user-friendly and easy to operate the android application, which can be used for reporting violations from the date of notifications for bye-election/ assembly/ parliamentary elections. The uniqueness of the app is that it only allows Live Photo/ video with auto location capture from within the app to ensure digital evidence for flying squads to act upon in a time-bound manner. The app could be installed and used on any Android (Jellybean and above) smartphone equipped with a camera, good internet connection, and GPS access. By using this app, citizens can immediately report on incidents of political misconduct within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer. cVIGIL connects vigilant citizens with District Control Room, Returning Officer, and Field Unit (Flying Squads) / Static Surveillance Teams, thereby, creating a rapid and accurate reporting, action and monitoring system. All is required, is to click a picture or a 2-minute video of the activity violating MCC and describe it shortly, before registering the complaint. GIS information captured with the complaint automatically flags it to the concerned District Control Room, permitting flying squads to be routed to the spot within few minutes. The cVIGIL operating model will operate as follows: Step 1- A citizen clicks a picture or records a 2-minute video. The Photo / Video is uploaded on the app, along with an automated location mapping by the Geographic Information System. After its successful submission, the citizen gets a Unique ID to track and receive follow up updates on his mobile. A citizen can report many incidents in this manner and will get a unique id for each report for follow up updates. The app user has the option of registering complaints anonymously through cVIGIL App. In that case, the mobile number and other profile details are not sent to the system. However, in the case of anonymous complaints, the user will not be getting further status messages because the system will not be capturing the phone details. Citizens, however, have the option of following up on such complaints in person from the concerned returning officer. Step 2- Once the citizen has reported the complaint, the information beeps in the District Control Room from where it is assigned to a Field Unit. A field unit consists of Flying Squads, Static Surveillance Team, Reserve team e.t.c. Each Field Unit will have a GIS-based mobile application called ‘cVIGIL Investigator’, which allows the field unit to directly reach the location by following the GIS cues and navigation technology and take action. Step 3- After a Field Unit has acted upon the complaint, the field report is sent by them online through the Investigator App to the concerned returning officer for decision and disposal. If the incident is found correct, the information is sent to the National Grievance Portal of the Election Commission of India for further action and the vigilant citizen is informed about the status within 100 minutes. The app has inbuilt features to prevent its misuse. Some of the important features are listed below: cVIGIL application will be usable only within geographical boundary of States where elections are being held. The cVIGIL user will get 5 minutes to report an incidence after having clicked a picture or a video. The app will not allow uploading of the pre-recorded images/ videos, neither would it allow users to save photos/videos clicked from this app into the phone gallery directly. To prevent misuse of the system and to avoid repetitive complaints from the same spot, the system forces time delay of 5 minutes between successive complaints by the same person. District Controller has the option of dropping duplicate, frivolous and unrelated cases even before the cases are assigned to the field unit. The cVIGIL application must be used for lodging MCC violation related cases only. District Controller could drop a cVIGIL complaint without any further recourse, in case personal grievances are registered through cVIGIL app or the digital attachment of a cVIGIL complaint is found to be unrelated to a MCC violation. Citizens are therefore, encouraged to use the ECI main website for lodging the complaints or call at 1950. Download the Press Note: PN46_03072018.pdf (English) | PN46_hindi_03072018.pdf (Hindi)
  3. ECI


    Use cVIGIL APP to report MCC Violation

    © ECI

  4. ECI

    cVIGIL: Status in just 100 minutes

    Use cVIGIL APP to report MCC Violation. Get status of your complaint in just 100 minutes

    © ECI

  5. Webmaster

    Aj Khush toh bahut hoge tum- cVIGIL

    What did Poll Code Violator say to a cVIGILian. A media creative to promote the use of cVIGIL
  6. Webmaster

    You are cVIGIL

    Participate in enforcing the Model Code of Conduct Violations.
  7. Webmaster

    cVIGIL Rally

    To promote the use of cVIGIL
  8. Webmaster

    cVIGIL for Android and iPhone

    The cVIGIL app is available for both android and iOS devices.
  9. Webmaster

    cVIGIL Mobile App

    cVIGIL is a mobile app for reporting model code of conduct violations.
  10. 6,874 downloads

    ECI/PN/16/2019 Dated: 08.02.2019 PRESS NOTE Subject: Election Commission of India launches Voter Verification and Information Programme (VVIP) for upcoming General Elections 2019 The Election Commission of India has launched a Voter Verification and Information Programme (VVIP) for citizens for verifications of their names, new registrations, changes in the voter details and corrections in the Voter Id Cards for the upcoming General Elections 2019. ECI has enabled various channels for this VVIP programme. ECI has also set up Contact centers in all districts across India. The Voter Helpline number is 1950 . The Contact Centres are equipped with latest information and telecom infrastructure to help the callers. The VVIP Programme was launched during the 2-day intensive Training-cum-Workshop on the use of Information & Communication Technology for the conduct of General Elections 2019. The Training-cum-Workshop was attended by Additional Chief Electoral Officers, Incharge of IT, Nodal Officers, State Level Master Trainers and technical resource persons from all States and Union Territories. Speaking on the occasion Election Commissioner, Sh. Ashok Lavasa said that the strength of technology is to make it easy for use by all. He exhorted those attending the workshop to imbibe and in turn explain extensively to all. Sh. Lavasa reminded the participants that the central theme of ECI's endeavours are to make Elections more inclusive. With the use of Apps, prompt responses should be ensured as citizens demand a better quality of services. Chief Election Commissioner, Sh. Sunil Arora said that technology is indeed a major game changer. The purpose at training workshops should be to listen, learn, absorb and apply. He pointed out that little time is now left before elections and intense consolidation of all learning should be ensured to actually facilitate the voter. One of the important applications for which training was imparted to all States and UTs was cVIGIL . cVIGIL App provides time-stamped, evidence based proof of the Model Code of Conduct / Expenditure Violation, having live photo/video with auto location data. Any citizen can lodge a complaint through the Mobile App. Flying Squads then investigate the matter and the Returning Officer takes the decision. The status of cVIGIL can be shared with the cVIGIL complainant within a specified time limit. A CVigil User Manual and the EVM Management System User Manual was released on the occasion. A new Android-based mobile app called ‘Voter Helpline ’ was also launched today. This App provides convenience to all citizens for finding their names in the electoral roll, submitting online forms, checking the status of the application, filing complaints and receiving the reply on their mobile app. All forms, results, candidate affidavits, press notes, voter awareness and important instructions are available through the mobile app. A ‘PwD App’ to enable Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) to request for new registration, change in address, change in particulars and mark themselves as PwD through the use of the mobile application was also launched. By simply entering their contact details, the Booth Level Officer is assigned to provide doorstep facility. PwDs can also request for a wheelchair during polling. Use of the latest technologies by ECI has led to the spread of novel election activities, in addition to enhancing the existing election system. For effective conduct of elections, the ECI has found a way of integrating the use of Smart Technology in the day-to-day processes of elections.
  11. From the album: ICT workshop for General Elections 2019

    A CVigil User Manual and the EVM Management System User Manual was released on the occasion of ICT workshop for General Elections 2019

    © ECI

  12. Version 2


    Every citizen can lodge a complaint through the Mobile App. Flying Squads investigate the matter and the Returning Officer takes the decision. The status of cVIGIL is shared with the cVIGIL complainant within 100 minutes. The manual is meant for citizens, Chief Electoral Officers, District Election Officers, Returning Officers, FLying Squads, Observer and Election Commission of India Officials. The latest updates are, however, available at ECI TECH SUPPORT.
  13. Webmaster

    cVIGIL Mobile App

    Use cVIGIL from the date of announcement of elections to lodge Model Code of Conduct Violation and Expenditure Violations. Download from Goolge play store.
  14. Improving GPS accuracy for cVIGIL cVIGIL uses smart GPS technologies along with the manual address to innovatively use it for Model code/expenditure violation management. Your GPS sensor lets your Android phone use cVIGIL citizen, Investigator, observer and monitor apps, and properly tag your geo-location. A good signal is crucial for using cvigil. However, the greater the accuracy requirements the longer it can take to get a more precise GPS measurement. It takes time for a GPS device to get a fix and then it will try its best to hold onto it as you move around. As the GPS data is prone to errors and even if one applies correct location manager provider there is a chance of observing occasional jitter in the locations. One thing to note is that the GPS accuracy only gives an estimate to how good the calculation was given the GPS signals received. Systematic errors can give a good accuracy number (<10m) but still represent a large position error. This is why one may see the jitter even if the accuracy is very good. Accuracy measures are good to remove very large errors (>100m) but on a lower level, it just gives an indication that the calculations converged. cVIGIL perfectly works in all circumstances by applying the algorithm to remove the very large errors. But there are still chances to improve upon the accuracy and reduce the delays in satellite finding and small errors too, with these simple tweaks. So, here's how you can improve the GPS signal on your device. Listed are 4 free android app which are tools to help you in better GPS accuracy. What is GPS? To know how to optimize your GPS it's helpful to understand how it works. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and was developed by the US Army in 1973, but in the1980s it was released for civilian purposes. It was initially used with 24 satellites but now there are 31 GPS satellites in orbit. Your smartphone communicates with these satellites via a GPS antenna, which is part of the hardware in the majority of today's smartphones and tablets. This hardware is connected via a driver with the software. Thus, there are three sources of error for the GPS signal in the smartphone: The number of GPS satellites at the current location The quality of the GPS antenna in the smartphone The implementation of the driver in the operating system GPS signals are further affected by anything that interferes with your smartphone receiving the weak transmissions from GPS satellites circling above us. Nearby trees, cars, buildings, big weather storms can all reduce accuracy, and so can being inside a building or underneath trees. What does accuracy mean? First lets briefly look at what accuracy means. Accuracy, in a technical sense, means you get a latitude, longitude and accuracy number from the GPS. Then you can draw a circle using the accuracy number as a radius around the latitude/longitude point. It’s highly likely that your actual location is somewhere within that circle. It’s unfortunate that usual mobile GPS devices don’t also come with a probability factor that would indicate how much to trust the accuracy number. As it is, we will have to take it on a certain amount of faith that our reallocation is, in fact, somewhere within the accuracy circle. Under absolutely perfect conditions your typical smartphone GPS chip will deliver around 3 meters (~10 ft) in accuracy for several minutes at a time when cVIGIL is opened. Standing on the highest mountaintop in the Himalayan Mountains with no clouds in the sky might come close to being a perfect condition. Under what I’ll call “average” conditions, which reflect everyday in-city usage patterns, you can expect accuracy from 3 – 150 meters (10 ft – 500 ft) or greater and the accuracy number typically fluctuates quite a bit over a period of minutes or hours. It is here we try to bring the accuracy under 100 mts. Switch on 'High accuracy' mode To get the best possible signal, you have to be prepared to use a bit more battery than normal. It's a necessary sacrifice, and you can always reverse it later when you don't need to use GPS anymore. Enabling this is easy; just follow a couple of steps and you'll be on your way. Go into your Settings and tap Location and ensure that your location services are on. You should be able to toggle it at the top right hand of your screen. It should be green and the button to the right. Now the first category under Location should be Mode, tap that and make sure it's set to High accuracy. This uses your GPS as well as your Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate your location. This will use more battery but will utilize all available methods to give you the most accurate location possible. cVIGIL automatically tries to use the high accuracy mode but someone, it might fail. Therefore the above method will help cVIGIL work effectively. Use a compass app to recalibrate the GPS If you suspect your compass is not working accurately you can force it to recalibrate. For this, you will need a compass app. Some phones come with one already pre-installed. If so, fire it up and go through the process of recalibration to give your GPS signal a much-needed refresh. If your Android device does not come with a compass app, you can download one from the Play Store and do it this way. Compass Galaxy is a good and reliable option. Compass Galaxy Keep the GPS signal active One of the main problems that we encountered when going from one app to another is that the GPS is turned off to save battery. If for example you are using cVIGIL and want to take a look at your latest messages, your GPS could be turned off. However, you can keep the GPS signal active. To do this you must install a GPS app. We recommend Connected GPS. It's a simple app and does the trick. Bear in mind that doing this could result in reduced battery life. GPS Connected Find out if your GPS issues are hardware- or software-related With GPS Essentials free android app, you can diagnose whether a poor GPS signal is due to a hardware or software issue. In the GPS Essentials main menu, tap Satellites, then watch (with some amazement) your phone connecting to satellites around the earth. If no satellites appear, then this could be due to interference from metallic objects around you like the FST jeep, your smartphone case, or your GPS hardware not working properly. If satellites do appear, but your GPS is still out of whack, then this is a software issue. Refresh your GPS Data Sometimes your device will get 'stuck' on certain GPS satellites, even if they’re not within range, causing it not to work properly. To fix this, you can use an app like GPS Status & Toolbox to clear your GPS data and to start connecting to satellites from scratch. In the app, tap anywhere on the screen, then tap the menu icon and hit Manage A-GPS state. Tap Reset, then when that's finished go back into the Manage A-GPS state menu and tap Download. Your GPS data should now be refreshed, and if it starts playing up again then just repeat this process. GPS Status & Toolbox Get an external GPS receiver If your smartphone GPS is no longer sufficient it might be worthwhile for you to have an external receiver. This can be coupled with the smartphone via Bluetooth and recharge with the same charger. It is very important as Officials that your cVIGIL application effectively use GPS data to report cVIGIL cases, file report and make Investigator appear on the district controller dashboard. With these tweaks, you can help the Election Commission of India in the smart handling of Model code/expenditure violation cases.
  15. cVIGIL Vs Samadhan Portal cVIGIL provide time stamped evidentiary proof of model code of conduct / Expenditure Violation, having live photo/video with auto location data. This unique combination of timestamping, live photo with auto location can be fairly relied upon by election machinery to navigate to the right spot and take prompt action. The GIS-based dashboard provides strong decision tool to drop and dispose of frivolous and unrelated cases even before they are acted upon, thereby reducing the workload of election machinery on ghost complaints. SL Features cVIGIL SAMADHAN 1 Capturing of live images and no gallery upload Yes No 2 Capturing of Live Location without human manipulation Yes No 3 Capturing of live Videos Yes No 4 100 Minute timelines Yes No 5 Mobile application for citizen reporting Yes No 6 Mobile application for fact finding Yes No 7 Involvement of Field Units (FST, SST,VST) directly in reporting Yes No 8 Live reporting fo status to Citizen Yes No 9 Direct involvement of District Collectors Yes No 10 Confirm Authentication of User filing the complaint through OTP Validation Yes No 11 GIS based field unit assignment from District Yes No 12 Navigation based mobile application for Field Unit Yes No 13 Mobile application for Observers Yes No 14 Mobile application for ECI/CEO/ DEO to monitor and highligh important cases Yes No 15 Email Dispatch of each cases to Returning Officer on field unit deployment Yes No 16 Substituting Vehicle GPS System of Field unit with simple Android based real time tracking on GIS Maps Yes No 17 Immediate Andriod System alert, SMS and in-App alerts for Field Units, Returning Officers and DEO Yes No 18 Capturing of Location of Field Unit while they are replying Yes No 19 Field Unit can initiate new cases suo moto Yes No 20 Option for dropping cases at more than one points- i.e. DEO, FST and RO Yes No 21 Dedicated dashbaord for CEO, DEO for monitoring the cases live Yes No 22 Widespread reach in the hands of citizens Yes No 23 Lodging of anonymous complaints againt high and mighty Yes No
  16. New coverage of Chief Election Commissioner about cVIGIL
  17. ECI

    cVIGIL Brochure


    cVIGIL is an Online application for citizens to report on model code of conduct violations during the election period. The application is called as cVIGIL, denoting Vigilant Citizen and the proactive and responsible role he can play in the conduct of free and fair elections. By using the cVIGIL app, citizens can promptly report unlawful campaign activities within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer. cVIGIL is a simple, Android based- Mobile App which is user-friendly and easy to operate. All that one has to do is simply click a picture or a video, describe the activity and upload it through mobile application. This will enable the flying squads to reach the spot in a matter of few minutes. The application connects the vigilant citizen with District Control Room, Returning Officer and Field Verification Unit (Flying Squads / Static Surveillance Teams) thereby, creating a rapid and accurate reporting, action and monitoring system.
  18. ECI

    AV on cVIGIL


    AV on cVigil

ECI Main Website

ECI Main websiteThe Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India. The body administers elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies in India, and the offices of the President and Vice President in the country. The Election Commission operates under the authority of Constitution per Article 324, and subsequently enacted Representation of the People Act. 

Voter Helpline App

Voter HelplineDownload our Mobile App 'Voter Helpline' from Play Store and App Store. The  App 'Voter Helpline' provides you easy searching of your name in Electoral Roll, filling up online forms, knowing about Elections, and most importantly, lodging grievance. You will have access to everything about Election Commission of India. You can view the latest Press release, Current News, Events, Gallery and much more. You can also track your form application and status of your grievance. Click here to download. Don't forget to give your feedback from the link provided within the Application.

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