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  1. 355 downloads

    General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar- the Election Commission's Direction regarding electronic transmission of postal ballot papers to service voters-regarding.
  2. 212 downloads

    General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar - Instructions of delivery of Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballots(ETPB) through Speed Post - regarding.
  3. 257 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/71/2020 Dated: 4th October, 2020 PRESS NOTE ECI appoints Special Expenditure Observer for Bihar Election Commission of India has appointed Ms. Madhu Mahajan, ex-IRS(IT):1982 and Sh. B. R Balakrishnan, ex-IRS(IT):1983 as Special Expenditure Observers for General Election to Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020. Special Expenditure Observers in consultation with the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar will be supervising and monitoring the work being done by the electoral machinery and ensure that stringent and effective enforcement action is undertaken based on intelligence inputs and complaints received through C-VIGIL, voter Helpline 1950 against all persons/entities trying to induce voters by distributing cash, liquor & freebies etc. It may be recalled that given their formidable domain expertise and impeccable track record, Ms. Madhu Mahajan, ex-IRS(IT):1982 was also appointed as Special Expenditure Observer for Tamil Nadu and Karnataka during Lok Sabha Election, 2019 and Maharashtra Assembly Election, 2019 and Sh. B. R Balakrishnan, ex-IRS(IT):1983 was also appointed as Special Expenditure Observer for bye-election to 89-Huzurnagar AC, Telangana, held in 2019.
  4. 941 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/88/2020 Dated: 09th November, 2020 PRESS NOTE Subject: Arrangements for the dissemination of result trends for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar & Bye-Elections of various States, 2020 - 10th November 2020 The result trends to Bihar Assembly and Bye-elections will be available w.e.f 8 AM, 10.11.2020 on the following places apart from all the counting centres. 1. The results are displayed on the website of the Election Commission of India and are updated every few minutes to display the current round wise results of each constituency 2. The results are also available from the “Voter helpline” Mobile app available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The website / mobile app will display information filled in the system by the Returning Officers from their respective Counting Centers. The ECI will be displaying the information as being filled in the system by the Returning Officers from their respective Counting Centers.
  5. 1,078 downloads

    Important Instructions for Expenditure Observers
  6. 462 downloads

    No. 4/2020/SDR/Vol-I Dated:- 21stOctober, 2020 To, The President/General Secretary of the recognized National/State Political Parties Subject:- Campaign during the period of pandemic COVID-19 – regarding. Sir/Madam, On 9th October, 2020, Election Commission vide its Advisory (copy enclosed) had sought the cooperation of all political parties to follow instructions related to pandemic COVID-19 at all stages, especially wherever public interface in physical form is involved. Observance of the preventive measures including wearing mask, use of sanitizer, observance of social distancing is a duty cast upon all the stakeholders in the larger interest of public health. At para 4 of the aforementioned communication, it was specifically mentioned: “As representatives of public, this onerous responsibility rests with the political parties to ensure that they not only cooperate with the district machineries in following the due norms of public health safety as prescribed, but also instill a sense of discipline for civic behavior in their cadre while doing ground management during campaign times. It is requested that you may like to issue advisory to all your field representatives to demonstrate utmost vigil and care to abide by all the extant instructions in large interest of public health and avoid any penal action for breaching the provisions.” Earlier, in its broad guidelines dated 21st August, 2020, the Commission also stated that non-compliance of instructions during the period of public interface will attract actions as per provisions of Sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 besides invocation of the Section 188 of IPC and other legal provisions, as also specified in Order No.40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 29th July, 2020 of Ministry of Home Affairs. Instances of such public meetings have come to notice of the Commission, where large number of crowds have assembled in utter violation of social distancing and the political leaders/campaigners are addressing the gathering without wearing masks in complete disregard of the guidelines/instructions issued by Election Commission. By doing so, the political parties and candidates are not only flouting the guidelines of the Commission with impunity,but exposing themselves as well as the public attending the rallies/meetings to the danger of infection during the pandemic. It does not need to be reiterated that during elections political parties/entities are the most important stakeholders in the electoral process and duty bound to observe the norms determined by the Commission for electioneering. The Commission has taken a serious view of the laxity on the part of political parties and candidates, on the ground, in terms of maintaining crowd discipline, and hereby reiterates and further advises them to demonstrate utmost vigil and care during electioneering. CEOs and the District Machinery would be expected by the Commission to invoke appropriate and relevant penal provisions against the candidates concerned as well as the organizers responsible for such violations. Separate instructions for strict compliance of guidelines are being issued to Chief Electoral Officers and State Governments of poll going states. The Commission seeks fullest cooperation from you so that our district election machinery ensures that all the preventive measures are adhering to by all the participants including organizers.
  7. 312 downloads

    General election to the State Legislative Assembly of Bihar & Bye-election to 1- Valmiki Nagar PC of the state, 2020 - Pre-certification of Political Advertisements in Print Media on the day of poll & one day prior to poll- regarding.
  8. 431 downloads

    General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar- Use of Electronic Voting Machines and VVPAT.
  9. 150 downloads

    General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020- 3rd Phase – “Status Note/ Feedback” by Expenditure Observers for video Conference- Regarding
  10. 498 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/87/2020 4th November 2020 PRESS NOTE ECI to host International Election Visitors Programme 2020 for Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections [05- 07 November 2020] The Election Commission of India is organizing an International Virtual Election Visitors Programme 2020 (IEVP) for foreign Election Management Bodies (EMBs)/Organisations from 05-07 Nov 2020, in the context of the ongoing Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections. In the past, ECI has organized International Election Visitor Programmes (IEVPs) for foreign EMBs/Organizations in 2014 Lok Sabha elections; elections for a few State Assemblies in Feb/March 2017 and Lok Sabha Elections in May 2019 Bihar has an electorate of over 72 million, one of the largest in the world to vote so far amid the COVID19 pandemic. This provides us with an opportunity to share our best practices and experience of the conduct of our poll process during the pandemic period. Delegates from over 40 countries across the world including Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malawi, Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Mauritius, Nepal, Philippines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Zambia etc. and 3 international organizations (viz. International IDEA, International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES) and Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB) have been invited to participate in the IEVP 2020. The Programme for IEVP 2020 comprises an online briefing session on 05 Nov. 2020 which would provide to the participants an overview of the large canvas of Indian electoral process, the new initiatives taken by ECI on voter facilitation, transparency and accessibility of electoral system; and ECI’s response to the changing needs of training and capacity building. The keynote address at the inaugural session will be delivered by Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora. The session shall also be addressed by Election Commissioners Shri Rajiv Kumar and Shri Sushil Chandra. On the second day, 06 Nov 2020, the Programme will provide a unique overview of the Commission’s flagship programme for voter awareness – SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation). The Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar will share the State’s experiences with the global audience. On 07 Nov 2020, the participants are being invited to a virtual tour of polling stations in Bihar. The visit will be amplified by exclusive footage, a walkthrough of the electoral process, and various arrangements at the polling station for a free, fair, participative and safe election.
  11. 349 downloads

    List of deployed Counting Observers in ensuing General/Bye Election in Bihar-2020
  12. 271 downloads

    List of deployed General and Police Observers in ensuing General/Bye Election in Bihar-2020
  13. 242 downloads

    राजनीतिक पार्टी की सूची बज्जिकांचल विकास पार्टी
  14. 528 downloads

    List of Expenditure Observers deployed in Phase-II, Bihar Assembly Election, 2020
  15. 175 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/73/2020 Date: 5th October, 2020 PRESS NOTE Conducting free, fair, participative and safe elections in Bihar a priority: CEC ECI Organizes Virtual cum in-person Briefing Meeting of Election Observers amid Corona Backdrop for Legislative Assembly Elections in Bihar Election Commission of India today organized a Briefing Meeting for Observers to be deployed for the forthcoming Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections as also bye elections across the states, schedule for which was announced on 25th September, 2020 and subsequently. This meeting was uniquely positioned as a blend of virtual and physical gathering with more than 700 General, Police and Expenditure Observers joining virtually from 119 locations across the country and about 40 Observers posted in Delhi joining in person. Speaking to the Observers, Chief Election Commissioner Sh. Sunil Arora gave a global perspective on the impact of Covid 19 on election schedules around the world and the detailed deliberation and assessments done by ECI before taking the decision to conduct elections in Bihar. He underscored the need to be extra careful as this election will be keenly watched by the world community being the largest election in the world to be held amid the pandemic. He reiterated ECI’s commitment to conduct an election that is free, fair, transparent, ethical and also Covid Safe. He stated that the strength of a democracy rests in its primary stakeholder- the voter . All efforts must be made to instil confidence in the voter to come to the polling station on election day to cast her/his vote safely and freely. He called upon the Observers to assume the role of friend, philosopher and guide to the local election machinery, guide and hand-hold them and help resolve their issues. He lauded the commitment and dedication of some of the special expenditure observers in the past who made sure that level playing field was made available during election. Such observers, by virtue of their formidable domain knowledge and absolute impartiality, attest to the faith that was reposed in ECI as an institution by the founding fathers of our Constitution. Election Commissioner Shri Sushil Chandra emphasised the significance of role of Observers. He pointed out that two Special Expenditure Observers have already been appointed by the Commission and if required other such Special Observers would also be appointed as the election process progresses. Shri Chandra pointed out that familiarization with laid down instructions specifically the highlights of the broad guidelines issued by the Commission on 21st August, 2020 as also by the CEO Bihar should be strictly adhered to. He advised officers to pro-actively redress complaints and ensure impartially while discharging their duties. Speaking on the occasion, Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar drew the attention of the officers that as Observers they have a statutory duty to perform on behalf of Election Commission of India. He said the officers should always bear in mind they are the actual face of ECI on the ground. He reminded the officers that Bihar Elections needs to be showcased to the world as all attention is focussed on these Elections.He said the Observers play an important role in guiding, mentoring and advising the field teams. Sessions in the half- day long briefing held today for the Delhi based Observers, as also for Officers attending online from other States and UTs, were addressed by Secretary General, ECI, Shri Umesh Sinha and other DECs. Giving a panoramic view of election process, Shri Sinha specifically briefed the officers on Election Planning, Security Management, SVEEP and Media aspects. Sr. Dy. Election Commissioner Shri Dharmendra Sharma informed the Observers of the training process already conducted for the polling personnel. Dy. Election Commissioner Shri Sudeep Jain spoke to the Observers on the EVM VVPAT management system as also the Electoral Roll issues. DEC, Shri Chandra Bhushan Kumar, who is also Bihar State In-charge at ECI, detailed out the legal provision, Model Code of Conduct issues specifically in COVID scenario for Bihar Elections. DEC, Shri Ashish Kundra briefed the Observers on the specific IT applications while. Director Expenditure and Director Media too briefed the Observers on their specific role in Expenditure monitoring and effective use of Media Certification and Monitoring Committees. Each of the sessions laid emphasis on the extra dimension of Covid safe election and the broad guidelines issued by the Commission on this subject and the seminal role that Observers would play in ensuring that these guidelines and instructions on various facets are followed in letter and spirit.
  16. 422 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/74/2020 Date: 8th October, 2020 PRESS NOTE Subject : Registration of political parties under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 – Public Notice Period – regarding. Registration of Political parties is governed by the provisions of Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. A party seeking registration under the said Section with the Commission has to submit an application to the Commission within a period of 30 days following the date of its formation as per guidelines prescribed by the Commission in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 324 of the Constitution of India and Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. As per existing guidelines, the applicant association is, inter-alia, asked to publish proposed Name of the party in two national daily news papers and two local daily newspapers, on two days for submitting objections, if any, with regard to the proposed registration of the party before the Commission within 30 days from such publication. Notice so published is also displayed on the website of the Commission. 2. The Commission has announced the General Elections for the Legislative Assembly of Bihar,2020 on 25th September, 2020. It has been brought to the notice of the Commission that in view of prevailing restrictions on account of Covid -19, there was dislocation and delay in moving applications for registration, which in turn led to delay in registration as a Political Party. Therefore, after considering all aspects of the matter, the Commission has given a relaxation and has reduced the notice period from 30 days to 7 days for the parties who have published their public notice on or before 07.10.2020. For all parties, including of those parties which have already published the Public Notice in less than 7 days prior to 07.10.2020, objection, if any, can be submitted latest by 5.30 PM on 10th October, 2020 or by the end of the originally provided 30 days period, whichever is earlier. 3. This relaxation will remain in force till 20th October, 2020, the last date of nomination for Phase 3 of the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of State of Bihar.
  17. 380 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/75/2020/Communication Dated: 9th October, 2020 PRESS NOTE Sub: General Election to Legislative Assembly of Bihar 2020- Allotment of Broadcast/Telecast time to National/State Political Parties -regarding. Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and enhanced relevance of non-contact based campaign, Election Commission of India, in consultation with Prasar Bharti Corporation has decided to double the broadcast/telecast time allotted to each National Party and recognized State Party of Bihar State on Doordarshan and All India Radio during the ongoing General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020. 2. A copy of the Commission’s Order No.437/TA-LA/1/2020/Communication, dated 9th October, 2020 regarding allotment of Broadcast/Telecast time to National/State political parties in the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020 is enclosed for the information of the general public.
  18. 1,335 downloads

    No. 52/2020/SDR/VOL.I Dated: 3rd October, 2020 To, Chief Electoral Officers of All the States/UTs. Subject: Postal Ballot facility for Sr. Citizen (above 80 years) and PwD electors – regarding. Reference: ECI's letter No. 52/2020/SDR/Vol.I/278 dated 17/09/2020 Sir/Madam, During the visit of Bihar for review of electoral preparedness from 29 September 2020 to 1 October 2020, after receiving feedback from Civil Societies and Media on the above cited subject, Commission directed to issue instructions as follows: 1. BLO will visit to the houses of the concerned electors, as provided by the RO, in the Polling Station area and deliver 12-D form to the concerned electors.If an elector is not available, he/she will share his/her contact details and revisit to collect it within five days of the notification. 2. The elector may or may not opt for POSTAL BALLOT in the acknowledgement attached with the form 12-D. 3. If he/she opts for POSTAL BALLOT, then the BLO will collect the filled-in form 12-D from the house of the elector within five days of the notification and deposit it with the RO forthwith. 4. BLO shall deposit all the acknowledgement forms with the RO along with all form 12-D. 5. Sector Officer shall supervise it under the overall supervision of RO. 6. As prescribed in ECI's guidelines No. 52/2020/SDR/Vol I/278 dated 17.09.2020, RO shall deploy polling team(s), who shall deliver and collect the postal ballot on pre-informed date(s) and thereafter deposit it with the RO. Accordingly, Chief Electoral Officer, Bihar vide letter No.B1-3-82/2020-3780 dated 2 October 2020 has issued instructions for the delivery and collection of Form 12-D, by the Booth Level Officers, from the electors in the categories of senior citizen (above 80 years) and PwD, who may opt for postal ballot in Bihar. A copy is attached herewith for reference. Commission has directed that henceforth in all elections/bye-elections including the bye-elections, already announced by Commission on 29/09/2020, these instructions shall be followed to facilitate all activities concerning postal ballot option at the door step of the electors throughout India. Accordingly, you are requested to take all necessary measures for compliance.
  19. 272 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/77/2020 Date: 12th October, 2020 PRESS NOTE Towards ACCESSIBLE, INCLUSIVE AND SAFE elections during COVID-19 Election officials reach out to voters eligible for Postal Ballots in Bihar More than 52,000 eligible voters opt for postal ballots in 71 Phase-1 constituencies As the nomination process for 71 constituencies, spread over 16 districts of Bihar, where the date of polling is October 28, 2020 will end today, being last date of withdrawal, Booth Level Officers of these Constituencies reached out to more than four lakh electors belonging to senior citizen (above 80 years of age) and PwD categories. More than fifty two thousand such electors have exercised their option to vote through postal ballots. These electors will be provided postal ballots on pre-informed date(s) by the ROs with proper security and videography arrangements to ensure secrecy, safety, and transparency in the process. Remaining electors intend to visit the booth on the poll day for franchise. This is the first time that postal ballot facility is extended to both the categories in Bihar elections. Earlier, during Commission’s visit to Bihar from September 29 – October 01, 2020, attention was drawn to certain concerns regarding the implementation of this provision for the above categories of voters. To comprehensively address these concerns, on October 03, 2020, Commission had directed: “BLO will visit to the houses of the concerned electors, as provided by the RO, in the Polling Station area and deliver Form- 12-D to the concerned electors. If an elector is not available, he/she will share his/her contact details and revisit to collect it within five days of the notification. The elector may or may not opt for postal ballot in the acknowledgement attached with the Form 12-D. If he/she opts for postal ballot, then the BLO will collect the filled-in Form 12-D from the house of the elector within five days of the notification and deposit it with the RO forthwith. BLO shall deposit all the acknowledgement forms with the RO along with all Form 12-D. Sector Officer shall supervise it under the overall supervision of RO.” In subsequent two phases of elections in Bihar and in bye-elections in all other States, this exercise will continue so that electoral process becomes more accessible, inclusive and SAFE for these categories during the period of COVID-19. BLOs will visit approximately 12 lakh such electors’ homes in Bihar in the next two phases for this purpose.
  20. 652 downloads

    List of Expenditure Observers deployed in Phase-I Bihar Assembly Election, 2020

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