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  1. 247 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/55/2021 Dated: 24th April 2021 PRESS NOTE CEC HOLDS A REVIEW MEETING WITH CS West Bengal The Election Commission led by Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sushil Chandra and Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar today held meeting with the senior officers of West Bengal including Chief Secretary, ACS(Home), Secretary (Disaster Management), Secretary (Health), DGP, CP Kolkata. CEO West Bengal and State Police Nodal Officer cum ADG(L&O) were also present. The Commission noted with concern that during public campaigns for electioneering, the enforcement under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 has been less than adequate. Executive Committee of State Disaster Management Authority, chaired by the Chief Secretary of the State and tasked with the enforcement of COVID-19 appropriate behaviour under the 2005 Act , need to step up its assigned statutory duty.District machinery, which is tasked with election works continue to remain responsible for enforcement of other laws including the DM Act simultaneously. The Commission directed that the SDMA and its functionaries must implement and monitor the implementation of COVID norms during the campaign and take appropriate action in case of any violation. Chief Secretary apprised the Commission that State is in receipt of and noted further directions of ECI on enforcement of COVID-19 norms during electioneering. He assured that entire machinery has been directed to now onwards take more stringent and prompt steps for sensitization and enforcement of extant instructions under the Act. The Commission appreciated the State machinery in flawless arrangements in the polling booth for COVID appropriate behaviour and safe disposal of bio medical waste. It was informed that as per the directions given by the Commission, following material has been provided foe election purposes Sl No Items Number Procured 1 Face Mask 2,46,88,000 2 Face shields for Polling Personnel & MO 17,05,851 3 Visor for Face Shield 16,81,680 4 Hand sanitisers 100 ml for use of polling personnel & MO 18,35,833 5 Hand sanitisers 500 ml for use of electors 2,72,000 6 Hand sanitisers 2 litre jerrican 1,52,000 7 PPEs ( Body suit,N 95 Mask,Gloves,Face shield,Goggles,Head Cover,Shoe cover) 1,31,600 8 Plastic Hand gloves ( single) for electors (considering 85% turn out) 9,00,00,000 9 Hand gloves ( in pairs) for PP Rubber) 53,76,000 10 Covered dustbins (100 litres) 2,61,500 11 Plastic bags ( 24'') to fit into dustbins 6,26,000 Health Secretary also informed that as per Commission’s directions Nodal Health Officers have been assigned at each of the 294 ACs, all 24 CMOH are Nodal Health Officers for their district, apart from State level Nodal Health Officer. He also informed that elaborate arrangements have been made for collection and disposal of gloves discarded by the voters after use at the Polling Stations as bio-medical waste. While appreciating the good work done in the last 6 phases ensuring Covid safe arrangements at the polling stations, Commission directed that regular monitoring of COVID compliant behaviour and action against the violations must be done by the authority. It further directed that appropriate and effective communication strategies must be put in place to inform the voters about Covid safe and secure environment at all polling stations as all Polling stations are being sanitised, all voters are wearing masks and are provided hand glove and hand sanitisation facility and social distancing is being maintained even in the queues. Chief Secretary assured the Commission that all actions for enforcement of covid appropriate behaviour during public gathering for electioneering purposes and otherwise also under the Disaster Management Act 2005 and all other relevant statutory provisions shall be ensured as directed by the Commission.
  2. 1,325 downloads

    General Election to Legislative Assemblies of West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry, 2021 and bye election in various states - Broad Guidelines for Covid-Safety During Counting of votes on 2nd May, 2021- Regarding.
  3. 271 downloads

    ECI Notice dated 16.04.2021 to Ms. Sujata Mondal Khan, AITC
  4. 234 downloads

    ECI Order dated 13 April 2021 to Sh. Rahul Sinha
  5. 196 downloads

    ECI Notice dated 13th April, 2021 to Shri Dilip Ghosh
  6. 4,175 downloads

    General Election to the State Legislative Assemblies of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Puducherry, 2021 and bye-elections to various Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies in various states - Lifting of Model Code of Conduct - reg.
  7. 601 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/62/2021 Dated: 4th May, 2021 PRESS NOTE Matter of Recounting in Nandigram AC: RO is the Final Authority under Law Certain sections of media have reported about the matter of recounting in Nandigram AC. Returning Officer (RO) of an Assembly Constituency performs statutory functions under the RP Act, 1951in quasi-judicial capacity independently. Whether it is nomination, polling or counting, the RO acts strictly in accordance with the extant electoral laws, instructions and guidelines of the ECI. 2. As far as the media reporting on ‘recount’ concerning Nandigram AC is concerned, as per Rule 63 of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961, which lays down the process of dealing with recount request,it,inter alia, states, On such an application being made the returning officer shall decide the matter and may allow the application in whole or in part or may reject it in toto if it appears to him to be frivolous or unreasonable. In the light of the above, the RO takes a decision which can only be challenged through Election Petition under section 80 of the RP Act, 1951, which provides that, No election shall be called in question except by an election petition presented in accordance with the provisions of this Part. 3. After the counting in Nandigram AC, the election agent of a particular candidate requested for recount, which was rejected by the RO, through a speaking order, on the basis of material facts available before him in accordance with the provisions of Rule 63, as above, and declared the result. In such a case, only legal remedy is to file an EP before the High Court. 4. CEO West Bengal, in this matter of Nandigram AC, has made available a copy of the Order of the RO and other relevant material related to counting. General Observer for the AC has also furnished a report in the matter. From the available material before the Commission, following facts reveal in respect of counting held on 2 May, 2021 in Nandigram AC: I. Each counting table had one micro observer. Their reports never indicated any impurity of counting process on their respective table. II. The RO caused the entries of votes polled by each candidate after each round to be written on the display board which could be easily seen by the counting agents. No doubt was raised on the result of round-wise counting. This enabled the RO to proceed uninterruptedly with the counting of votes. III. On the basis of Form-17C duly completed by the counting supervisors, Returning Officer prepared a round-wise statement. In addition, on the computer installed in the Counting Hall, parallel tabulation work was also done in an Excel sheet to counter check any human error. IV. A copy of each of the rounds’ results was shared with all the counting agents. V. After every round, counting agents signed the result sheets. 5. Election related Officers on ground perform in extremely competitive political environment diligently with full transparency and fairness and therefore attribution of any motive in such cases is not desirable. 6. On the basis of media reports on undue pressure on the RO Nandigram, Commission directed the Chief Secretary West Bengal on 3 May 2021 to provide adequate security, which State Government has now provided. 7. The Commission has further directed CEO West Bengal to ensure the safe custody of all election records including polled EVM/VVPAT, videorecording, statutory papers, counting records etc. strictly in accordance with laid down guidelines/instructions of the Commission. He will also coordinate with the State Government for additional security measures at such locations, if required.
  8. 2,435 downloads

    Puducherry General Legislative Election 2021 1 - Abbreviations and Description (Pdf and Excel) 2 - List of Successful Candidates (Pdf and Excel) 3 - List Of Political Parties Participated (Pdf and Excel) 4 - Highlights (Pdf and Excel) 5 - Performance of Political Parties (Pdf and Excel) 6 - Electors Data Summary (Pdf and Excel) 7 - Individual Performance of Women Candidates (Pdf and Excel) 8 - Constituency Data Summary (Pdf and Excel) 9 -Candidates Data Summary (Pdf and Excel) 10 -Detailed Results (Pdf and Excel) 11 - Annexure-1 Electors Data Summary (Pdf and Excel) Disclaimer :- This report is based on Index Cards data made available by concerned Returning Officers on the basis of Statutory data maintained in the forms. In case of any dispute, the data maintained in the Statutory Forms by the concerned Returning Officers shall prevail.
  9. 661 downloads

    General Election to Legislative Assembly of West Bengal, 2021 - ECI Notice dated 08.04.2021 to Ms. Mamata Banerjee, AITC - regarding
  10. 648 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/59/2021 Dated: 1st May 2021 PRESS NOTE Subject: Arrangements for the dissemination of trends and results for General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Puducherry & Bye-Elections to PC/AC of various States, 2021 on 2nd May 2021. The trends and results for General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Puducherry & Bye-Elections of various States, 2021 will be available w.e.f 8 AM on 02.05.2021, from the following places apart from all the counting centres: 1. The results are displayed on this website of the Election Commission of India and are updated every few minutes to display the current round wise trends and results of each constituency . 2. The trends and results are also accessible through the “Voter helpline” Mobile App available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The website / mobile app will display information filled in the system by the Returning Officers from the respective Counting Centers. The EC will be displaying the information as being filled in the systems by the Returning Officers from their respective Counting Centers. The final data for each PC/AC will be shared in Form 20 only.
  11. 120 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/58/2021 Dated: April 29, 2021 PRESS NOTE Peaceful Polling concludes across 11,860 Polling Stations in 35 ACs in last Phase of WB Elections - Repolling in Amtali Madhyamik Siksha Kendra polling station in 5- Sitalkuchi (SC)Assembly Constituency was also conducted today Strict preventive measures and Timely seizures of bombs and arms ensures violence free, peaceful elections Voters abide by Covid protocols at Polling Booths Voter Turnout (at 5 PM) for Phase VIII West Bengal Election 76.07 % ECI gives detailed instructions to District authorities to take action under extant rules against Covid protocol violators as also for steps to be followed for Counting arrangements
  12. 541 downloads

    ECI Notice dated 27.04.2021 to Shri Firhad Hakim, AITC
  13. 263 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/56/2021 Dated: 26th April 2021 PRESS NOTE Peaceful polling held in 11,376 Polling Stations spread across 34 ACs in Phase VII WB Elections Voter Turnout (at 5 PM) for Phase VII West Bengal Election 75.06% Voters scrupulously follow Covid appropriate behaviour at Polling Booths ECI reiterates instructions to District authorities to take action under extant rules against Covid protocol violators 5982 out of 11376 polling stations monitored live through webcasting; Timely seizure of bombs and arms ensures secure and peaceful elections
  14. 1,784 downloads

    ECI Order dated 22.04.2021
  15. 289 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/54/2021 Dated: 22nd April 2021 PRESS NOTE Polling held in 14,480 Polling Stations spread across 43 ACs in Phase VI WB Elections Voter Turnout (at 5 PM) for Phase VI West Bengal Election 79.09% Voters set an example of Covid appropriate behaviour at Polling Booths ECI invites attention of all Political Parties to abide by laid down Covid Protocol during Campaigns 7466 out of 14,480 polling stations monitored live through webcasting; Drones used to keep watch over vote proceedings
  16. ECI



    No. ECI/PN/52/2021 Dated: April 16th, 2021 PRESS NOTE For the ongoing West Bengal Assembly Election-2021, invoking its powers under Article 324, the Commission (1) curtails the timing of campaign upto 7 PM. There shall not be any campaign between 7PM and 10AM on campaign day. (2) extends the silence period from 48 hours to 72 hours in each of the remaining three phases. Commission also directs the political parties/candidates to provide masks, sanitizers, etc. to the participants and account for the cost in expenditure limits. In view of unprecedented public health situation and the imperative of ongoing elections, Commission today extended the silence period upto 72 hours (instead of 48 hours) and restricted the period of campaign upto 7PM (instead of 10PM). These orders have come into effect immediately. Commission further directed all the political parties to adhere to the COVID norms/instructions. It has directed: Candidates and Political Parties shall ensure absolute, repeat absolute, adherence to Covid guidelines in letter and sprit. Violations, if any, shall be sternly dealt with and action, including criminal action, taken as per extant legal framework. It shall be the responsibility of the organisers of public meetings, rallies, etc. to provide masks and sanitisers to every person attending these meetings, rallies, etc at their cost which shall be added and counted within limits of prescribed expenditure. Organisers shall also ensure proper usage of masks, sanitisers and also be responsible for maintaining minimum social distance by everyone. Star campaigners/political leaders/candidates/aspiring policy makers shall demonstrate by their personal example and nudge all supporters in the beginning of the rally, meeting and any other event during campaign to wear mask, use sanitisers and maintain social distance and put in place such crowd control measures as are necessary for observance of extant guidelines. District Election Officers and Returning Officers shall take strict measures to enforce Covid guidelines during campaign. They shall cancel public meetings, rallies, etc. if any violations are observed, in addition to invoking penal sections. Special Observers and General, Police and Expenditure Observers shall strictly monitor compliance of covid norms during campaign. The Commission has directed that Chief Secretary, West Bengal, CEO, West Bengal, all DEOs and ROs of the remaining three phases shall ensure strict compliance of this order and enforcement of extant guidelines. Special observers and other district/ constituency (ies) level observers shall regularly monitor compliance. The copies of the Order, dated 16.04.2021 issued under Art 324 of the Constitution of India as well as the letter, dated 16.04.2021 issued to the Political Parties, are enclosed, which are self explanatory
  17. 684 downloads

    ECI Order dated 18.04.2021 to Shri Sayantan Basu
  18. 235 downloads

    ECI Order Dated 18.04.2021 to Ms. Sujata Mondal
  19. 218 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/53/2021 Dated: April 17th, 2021 PRESS NOTE Polling in 15,789 Polling Stations spread across 45 Assembly Constituencies in West Bengal Phase V Elections, Bye-Election in 2 Parliamentary Constituencies and 12 Assembly Constituencies across 10 States conducted peacefully today; Huge Turnout of Women Voters; Voter Turnout (at 5 PM) for Phase V West Bengal Election 78.36% ECI thanks voters for strictly following COVID protocols Polling in 56-Samserganj and 58-Jangipur Assembly Constituency at West Bengal and 110-Pipili Bye-Election Assembly Constituency at Odisha stands adjourned 8266 out of 15789 polling stations monitored live through webcasting Candidate in Noksen (ST) Bye-Election Assembly Constituency, Nagaland elected unopposed
  20. 271 downloads

    ECI letter to the National and State Political Parties on campaign, rallies, public meeting etc.
  21. 267 downloads

    ECI Order dated 15 April 2021 to Shri Dilip Ghosh
  22. 130 downloads

    Notice dt. 15.04.2021 to Shri Sayantan Basu, BJP
  23. 261 downloads

    ECI Order Dated 12th April 2021 to Shri Suvendu Adhikari

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