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  • ECI ICT Application

    • ECI
      The Election Commission of India has traditionally been using paper method for receiving the Candidate Nominations. These nominations were then digitized and uploaded. This created several errors in data entry and uploads. Further, each application like that meant for counting will have to again capture the names of the candidates on the application. 
      Candidate Nomination is part of the umbrella app called ENCORE (Enabling Communications on Real-time Environment). The application is the first input module which feeds into Candidate Affidavit Portal, Voter Helpline Portal, EVM stock requirement, counting data and results display. 
      Once digitised the application displays candidate related information like the basic profile, party name and their original affidavit. The Returning Officer uses the application for Candidate Scrutiny and finalising the list of contesting candidates. 
      Once the nomination is finalised, the total number of contesting candidate details are utilised by the EVM Management Software for finalising the requirements of the number of EVM / VVPAT machines.
      The information of the candidates is then published on the dedicated candidate portal including their affidavit. Similarly, the information punched into Candidate Nomination is also made available through the Voter Helpline and Pwd Mobile App. 
      The inputs of this module are used during the counting process. The Returning Officer uses the data to enter table-wise entries for each round of declaration. All the reports of candidate declaration, statutory reports and result declaration are all handled, using the base information obtained from Candidate Nomination. 
      Finally, the results published on the ECI website as also on the Voter Helpline app use  information about the candidates from this application. 
      Returning officer digitizes the complete candidate profile (Name, Father's Name, Address, Age Photo), Party details and affidavits that will be available for public and the same information will be used to generate FORM 7A.
      The system also allows the Returning Officer to manage multiple nominations applied by the same candidate.
      Along with the Nomination details, the Returning Officer needs to upload the scanned copy of Candidate affidavit that will also be available in the public domain for purposes of view and download.
      Once the candidate Nomination details are entered in the ENCORE, a unique system-generated Candidate ID and Nomination ID is assigned to each nomination applied.
      Different types of Nomination reports are available for the officers such as;
      Date wise report Gender wise report Category wise report Party wise report Candidate wise report Outcome
      As this is the initial feeder module on which all other modules are dependent, it is of high importance and dependence. Correct data entry at the initial stage in the application ensures that all other applications utilises the correct data. From the starting of the application 40,858 candidates nominations have been digitized which include various State Elections and most importantly the Parliamentary elections of 2019. 
      The simple interface of the application results in faster and error-free feeding of the Candidate information and uploading of affidavits in the system. The candidate related information is made available in the public domain through Affidavit Portal and Voter Helpline App on the same day when the nomination was applied for. 
      This application framework will be utilised in future for allowing candidates to file  e-nomination directly, thus making the entire nomination process online. 
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    • The Election Commission did not have any application for online scrutiny of the application. Therefore the citizens do not get to know the status of their candidate’s application nor were the candidates aware of the status of their applications.
      It is a part of ENCORE that allows Returning Officers to do the scrutiny of the Nomination filed by the Candidate. Each nomination is verified and the status is marked as ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’ and ‘Withdrawn’ if the Candidate has withdrawn his candidature. This helps the Returning Officer to prepare the final list of contesting candidates and assigning symbols. 
      While the Returning Officer is scrutinizing the candidate application, the output of this application is displayed to the candidate via Candidate app, to citizens via Voter Helpline and PwD App. Thus both the candidate as well as citizens can follow the acceptance or rejection status of Nomination. The application was launched on 10 March 2019. 

      Scrutiny of Nominations
      A simple interface is provided to RO for marking the scrutiny status for each and every nomination received. This is to be done on the day of scrutiny where the Nomination papers and supporting documents are scrutinized and marked as either ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’
        Withdrawal of Nominations
      After Scrutiny the option is available to mark a candidate as ‘Withdrawn’ if the candidate has withdrawn the nominations. The Returning officer is provided with an interactive interface with search and filter facility to sort the list of applications and view the complete candidate profile and documents if required. Assign Symbol
      Then the list of contesting candidates is prepared and the symbols are assigned to the candidates as per FORM 7A. At any time Returning Officer has the option to view or download the reports to see the list of Nominations applied and the status marked.
        List of Contesting Candidates
      As and when the Returning Officer marks the status of the Nomination and a final list is serialized and verified with FORM 7A. The Returning Officer has the option to generate FORM 7A in English, Hindi and Regional language through ENCORE. Outcome 
      This module of ENCORE has directly connected to Affidavit Portal and Voter Helpline App and complete information with candidate profile and status of nomination is available in the public domain on a real-time basis as and when updated in ENCORE, by the authorized officer.
      The application has removed the scope of any middle man to modify any data. The connection between the Returning Officer and Citizen is direct. 
      This has established a greater trust among the Candidate and Citizens on the electoral system which is now transparent and widely available. 
      As of now 40,858 Candidates nomination has been processed through the application across India from its day of launch. 
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    • Election Permissions Portal

      By ECI, in Web Applications,

      The Election Commission of India used an application called ‘Suvidha’ for giving permissions during the elections. This application was prepared for each state and had limited functionality. The State-specific requirements were not factored into the application. The application was web-only and there was no mobile application to update the status to the candidate / political parties. There had been a persistent demand for state-specific customisation and common login.
      However now, the Political Parties or any individual candidate can apply for permissions, in an online or offline mode, during elections using Encore Web Application. Permission module allows the candidates, political parties or any representatives of the candidate to apply for the permission for meetings, rallies, temporary offices, and others. The app goes live after the election dates are announced. Candidates can also track their application status through Encore Web Application and also by using Candidate App from Google Play Store. This application replaced the old ‘Suvidha’ App and integrated into ENCORE application. It was launched on 10 March 2019.
      The valid permissions can be now checked by the citizens using the cVIGIL app also. The app will also authenticate whether the permissions displayed by the political party or the candidate is valid or not. 
      Features of the application
      There are two web portals in the Encore-Permissions:
      Apply applications in Offline Mode. Apply applications in Online Mode- Visit & to check the application status download the android mobile app - => Offline Mode allows Assistant Electoral Registration Officer/ Returning Officer/ District Election Officer/ Chief Electoral Officer/ Permission Cell Incharge level officers to apply offline permissions.
      =>  Online Mode allows candidates to apply permissions directly using the candidate web application.  
      This system is for applying, processing, granting and monitoring permissions. Candidates and political parties can apply for permissions during the Election Campaign.
      Process Flow
      All masters (permission assign level, police station, approval authority, locations, permission cell in charge)  will be created at CEO/DEO/RO level & thereafter candidates/political parties can apply for permissions.  Candidate/Political parties can apply for permissions 48 hours prior to the date of event and this permission is valid up to 72 hrs from the date of issue.  Candidates/Political parties will receive the updates via SMS.  Officers-CEO/DEO/RO will also receive the new application update via SMS. Permissions apply mode both Offline & Online will be stopped 48 hrs before the poll date. Outcome of the application
      The Encore Permissions platform has been widely used by candidates in both national and state elections. In 2019 general elections, a total number of permissions were 2,48,737, while on the other hand 77,093 candidates’ permissions were received in 2019 state elections.  
      Candidate App - Election Permission
      Nodal App - Election Permission
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    • Earlier candidates and political parties were informed about their candidature and permissions status only by way of paper. There was no online method for intimation and the candidate had to visit the office to get the details of their permissions. 
      Presently nomination and permission is filed through a web application namely ENCORE. To make it accessible for candidates so as to check the status and get the updates of his application, the android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store called ‘Candidate App’.
      The link to download the application is This mobile app allows candidates to check the status of their nominations and permissions filed via ENCORE. 
      This application was launched by ECI on 13 March 2019.
      Functionality/ Features of the application
      Candidate App is used to track the nomination/ permission application status. Once the application is registered in ENCORE by the Returning Officer, the periodic status updates are available via notifications. 
      Process Flow
       User authentication through mobile number and OTP.  Track nomination/permission application status. Outcome of the application
      Candidates can now get the live status of submitted applications, candidates can check and track their submitted applications status using the mobile app which is very helpful in application processing.
      The application boosts the transparency initiatives of the ECI. The candidate gets to know on a real time basis whether  their application has been rejected or accepted. 
      In future, the candidate can fill in the nomination and receive permission directly from the mobile app. 
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    • Before the latest infusion of technology, each permission required that Nodal Officers of various departments issue No-Objections, before the permission applied for  by the Political party / Candidate was accepted by the Returning Officer. The practice in vogue was to call all the nodal officers at one designated place and summarily issue the permissions. 
      Technology has now enabled an integrated app for election permissions. Once the permission is sought from the Returning Officer, then there is no need to seek individual No-Objection from various departments like Fire, Revenue, PWD, Police etc. With the launch of Nodal App, it is no longer binding for officials to sit at one place. All Nodal Officers are registered as part of the ENCORE and they receive notifications on the mobile app, as and when a request for permission arrives.  They can accept/reject permissions and upload their status by using the App. Nodal officers can automatically assign and get push notification as the permission is applied for. The Nodal App allows officers to take immediate action i.e. whether Objection or No- Objection is to be granted to the candidate along with reasons for the same. 
      This application was launched on 13 March 2019.
      Functionality/ Features of the application
      Nodal Officer will receive a push notification on each permission request. Nodal Officer has to reply within 24hrs and in case the same are not replied to then those permissions will be bypassed to a higher level implying that these can then be replied at RO, ARO, CEO or DEO level.
      Process Flow
      User authentication through mobile number and OTP. All new applications will be visible in the Open Tab. Take action (Objection/ No Objection). Node App login is based on OTP. All new applications will be visible in the Open section. Nodal officers have to take action (Objection/No Objection) within 24 hrs else that permission will display in overdue section.
      The outcome of the application
      This application has improved the efficiency of the Nodal and Returning Officers for granting permissions during elections. It has greatly reduced the time and clutter. 
      Secondly, it has provided mobility to Nodal Officers. By using the mobile app, they can transact all the work assigned to them. 
      A total number of 1,31,355 applications have been processed through the Nodal Mobile app.
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    • Affidavit Portal

      By ECI, in Web Applications,

      The affidavit used to be displayed at the ECI website on a separate server. This was a separate exercise to upload the document. There was no link between the affidavit and the candidate profile. Thus finding the name and affidavit of the contesting candidate was difficult.
      Candidate Affidavit portal is a part of ENCORE that allows citizens to view the complete list of Candidate Nominations who have applied for the elections. To help the citizen to know the candidates, a complete candidate profile with photo and affidavit is made public as and when the Returning Officer enters the data.
      Earlier, the affidavit was uploaded separately and there was no link between the affidavit and the candidate profile. With the integration of Affidavit portal in the ENCORE, the process has been simplified and the errors are reduced. This portal was launched on 10 March 2019.

      For ease of citizens, the information on this portal is under categories as -
      Nominations Applied, Accepted, Rejected, Withdrawn and Contesting. Interactive interface features are also provided like filter and search to drill down from state level to Constituency level and Candidate level.
      Enter the following URL Latest election is already displayed Select the type of election Parliamentary/ Assembly election Select State  Select Constituency Click on Filter Outcome
      It displays the complete list of Contesting Candidates in the sequence as per FORM 7A which is the same as on the EVM machine. The Affidavits and counter-affidavits are available for citizens to view and download. Information such as the size of the affidavit and total download counts is also available on the Portal.
      Affidavit Portal has improved the transparency to a large extent by making the original affidavit online. These affidavit are also available from the Voter Helpline Mobile App. Thus citizens are able to read about their candidates at the convenience of their mobile or desktop and make an informed choice. 
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    • Voter Turnout

      By ECI, in Web Applications,

      Earlier, the 2 hourly approximate voter turnout used to be captured by the Returning Officers from Polling Station, thereafter the report used to be sent to District and then to Chief Electoral Officers. The CEO would then compile and send the report to ECI. The media, however, would get the approximate voter turnout only at the end of the day. 
      Voter Turnout application was launched mid-way during the Parliamentary Elections of 2019 and it completely transformed the way the voter turnout was shared with the media and citizens. 
      With the launch of the Voter turnout, the turnout is auto-compiled as and when the Returning Officers enter the data. During the day, only percentage voter turnout is entered by the respective Returning Officers. The Voter turnout app is available both as an android and iOS mobile app.  
      The mechanism involves simple entry of approximate cumulative percentage turnout through the web portal during the currency of the poll. These entries are to be done without fail in a designated time slot by the Returning Officer /Assistant Returning Officers.
      This new mechanism simplifies the data entry of two-hourly approximate voter turnout and helps in timely dissemination of the information.
      Process Flow
      Following are the roles and responsibilities
      Official Role Returning Officer/ Assistant Returning Officer Data entry as per the time slot District Election Officer Ensuring data entry on allotted time slot And Generation of Report Chief Electoral Officer Monitoring and Generation of Reports Election Commission of India Monitoring and Generation of Reports Outcome
      This simple and time-bound mechanism of approximate Voter turnout entries by the Returning Officers ensures dissemination of approximate Voter Turnout trends to Election officers and Citizens directly through Voter Turnout App. The Process is incorporated in the workflow of the Returning officers and the alert system of the application itself ensures 100% entries to be done on time.
      The media houses get the approximate turnout percentage easily on the mobile app. 
      Similarly, nobody has to wait to know the turnout results until the end of the day. 

ECI Main Website

ECI Main websiteThe Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India. The body administers elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies in India, and the offices of the President and Vice President in the country. The Election Commission operates under the authority of Constitution per Article 324, and subsequently enacted Representation of the People Act. 

Voter Helpline App

Voter HelplineDownload our Mobile App 'Voter Helpline' from Play Store and App Store. The  App 'Voter Helpline' provides you easy searching of your name in Electoral Roll, filling up online forms, knowing about Elections, and most importantly, lodging grievance. You will have access to everything about Election Commission of India. You can view the latest Press release, Current News, Events, Gallery and much more. You can also track your form application and status of your grievance. Click here to download. Don't forget to give your feedback from the link provided within the Application.

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