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  • ECI Mobile APP

    Major IT APP of Election Commission of India for GE to Lok Sabha 2019
    • ECI

      Booth APP

      By ECI, in Booth App,

      The Election Commission of India has embarked upon to use the ICT Mobile technologies to improve searching of the electors by Polling Staff thereby reducing Polling time drastically. Similarly, by marking the elector's attendance through newer mobile which processes the data in an offline environment, a real-time poll turnout can be made available to election officials and the citizens. Also by allowing marking of the voters, ECI proposes to bring about Artificial Intelligence in giving a prediction about the queue in the polling station upfront through the Voter Helpline Mobile app. Thus, an elector will get to know the best time to go for the polling. The poll party will scan the pre-printed booth slip consisting of a unique QR code to mark the attendance of electors for voting.
      To achieve this triple objective, the ECI has launched an ICT application called ‘Booth App’, consisting of a simplified mobile app for Booth Level Officer and Polling Staff. The application Proof of Technology has successfully been tested at Hamirpur (UP) bye-election and its pilot has been conducted in Kasba Peth AC of Maharashtra, Samastipur PC of Bihar, and 10 ACs of Jharkhand.
      To enable voters to download the digital photo voter slip in their mobile application, voters can continue to link up their mobile phone with EPIC card on the Voter Helpline App and download the Digital Photo Voter slip containing QR code which is to be used for booth app. Those Voters carrying Digital Photo voter slip within Voter Helpline App can carry mobile phones inside polling station only upto Polling Official using booth app and use it instead of printed copy.
      The Booth App will now be utilized in selected assembly 45 constituencies of NCT of Delhi

    • Voter Turnout App

      By ECI, in Voter Turnout app ,

      The New Android Mobile App called 'Voter Turnout' App provides estimated Voter's turnout in the real-time basis for every Citizen. Earlier, this used to be announced at the end of the Poll.
      The Election Commission of India for the first has launched a new application for giving live information to everybody about the estimated voter turnout during the poll. The application captures the real-time information from the data inputted by the Returning Officers and calculates the estimated totals and displays in the user-friendly android mobile application. The application is called as ‘Voter Turnout’ application. 
      The application is designed to show the Estimated Voter Turnout for each State which can further be drilled down to Parliamentary Constituency level and also to Assembly Constituency level. This application has been used in the second phase of the elections. To ensure near real-time update of the voter turnout, another mobile app ‘Suvidha Admin’ has been given to all Assistant Returning Officers / Returning Officers to make the entries of the voter turnout data.
      The Commission is of the view that the Voter Turnout Application is another big milestone in the use of Information and Communications Technology. Such innovative technologies bring the Commission closer to voters and help in the timely dissemination of information.
      Voter Turnout Link:
      The mechanism involves simple entry of estimated cumulative percentage turnout through the web portal or mobile app during the currency of the poll y Assistant Returning Officer/ Returning Officers. These entries are to be done mandatorily during a designated time slot by the Assistant Returning Officers for the AC segment of the PC from within the New Suvidha Portal. After the end of the poll, New Suvidha Portal allows entry of detailed turnout report, both Lok Sabha and Assembly Election-wise, which includes male, female and other gender numbers against the total number of electors and comparison with corresponding figures of GE 2014 turnout is also done. The ARO/ RO can use the SUVIDHA ADMIN App to enter the Estimated Voter turnout also.
      This new mechanism will simplify the data entry of two-hourly voter turnout and help in timely dissemination of the information on a real-time basis. The step-by-step process, the expected reports based on the data entry and the detailed guidelines are attached herewith, which should be brought to the notice of all officials.
      The AROs & ROs should be clearly directed that they are personally held responsible for Voter Turnout data entry. Once the timeslot is passed, then the responsibility of data entry will be that of Returning Officer and in-turn the CEO. It should also be ensured that there is sufficient manpower, communication mechanism from Polling Stations and network availability.

    • cVIGIL App

      By ECI, in cVIGIL,

      Presently there is a lack of fast information channel to transmit and track complaints on MCC violations. Delay in reporting of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations has often resulted in the culprits escaping detection from the flying squads of election commission entrusted to ensure enforcement of Model Code of Conduct. Further, lack of any documented, untampered, evidence in the form of pictures or videos was a major hurdle in establishing the veracity of a complaint ex-post facto. The Commission’s experience has also shown a significant percentage of reporting was false or inaccurate, which led to wastage of precious time of Field Units. Further, the absence of a robust response system to quickly and accurately identify the scene of occurrence with the help of geographical location details hampered election officers’ ability to reach the spot on time to apprehend the violators.
      The new cVIGIL app launched by Election Commission of India is expected to fill in all these gaps and create a fast-track complaint reception and redressal system. cVIGIL is an innovative mobile application for citizens to report Model Code of Conduct and Expenditure violations during the elections. ‘cVIGIL’ stands for Vigilant Citizen and emphasizes the proactive and responsible role citizens can play in the conduct of free and fair elections.
      cVIGIL, a user-friendly and easy to operate the android application, which can be used for reporting violations from the date of notifications for bye-election/ assembly/ parliamentary elections. The uniqueness of the app is that it only allows Live Photo/ video with auto location capture from within the app to ensure digital evidence for flying squads to act upon in a time-bound manner.
      The app could be installed and used on any Android (Jellybean and above) smartphone equipped with a camera, good internet connection, and GPS access. By using this app, citizens can immediately report on incidents of political misconduct within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer. cVIGIL connects vigilant citizens with District Control Room, Returning Officer, and Field Unit (Flying Squads) / Static Surveillance Teams, thereby, creating a rapid and accurate reporting, action and monitoring system.
      All is required, is to click a picture or a 2-minute video of the activity violating MCC and describe it shortly, before registering the complaint. GIS information captured with the complaint automatically flags it to the concerned District Control Room, permitting flying squads to be routed to the spot within few minutes.
      The cVIGIL operating model will operate as follows:
      Step 1- A citizen clicks a picture or records a 2-minute video. The Photo / Video is uploaded on the app, along with an automated location mapping by the Geographic Information System. After its successful submission, the citizen gets a Unique ID to track and receive follow up updates on his mobile. A citizen can report many incidents in this manner and will get a unique id for each report for follow up updates. The app user has the option of registering complaints anonymously through cVIGIL App. In that case, the mobile number and other profile details are not sent to the system. However, in the case of anonymous complaints, the user will not be getting further status messages because the system will not be capturing the phone details. Citizens, however, have the option of following up on such complaints in person from the concerned returning officer.
      Step 2- Once the citizen has reported the complaint, the information beeps in the District Control Room from where it is assigned to a Field Unit. A field unit consists of Flying Squads, Static Surveillance Team, Reserve team e.t.c. Each Field Unit will have a GIS-based mobile application called ‘cVIGIL Investigator’, which allows the field unit to directly reach the location by following the GIS cues and navigation technology and take action.
      Step 3- After a Field Unit has acted upon the complaint, the field report is sent by them online through the Investigator App to the concerned returning officer for decision and disposal. If the incident is found correct, the information is sent to the National Grievance Portal of the Election Commission of India for further action and the vigilant citizen is informed about the status within 100 minutes.
      The app has inbuilt features to prevent its misuse. Some of the important features are listed below:
      cVIGIL application will be usable only within geographical boundary of States where elections are being held.
      The cVIGIL user will get 5 minutes to report an incidence after having clicked a picture or a video. The app will not allow uploading of the pre-recorded images/ videos, neither would it allow users to save photos/videos clicked from this app into the phone gallery directly.
      To prevent misuse of the system and to avoid repetitive complaints from the same spot, the system forces time delay of 5 minutes between successive complaints by the same person.
      District Controller has the option of dropping duplicate, frivolous and unrelated cases even before the cases are assigned to the field unit.
      The cVIGIL application must be used for lodging MCC violation related cases only. District Controller could drop a cVIGIL complaint without any further recourse, in case personal grievances are registered through cVIGIL app or the digital attachment of a cVIGIL complaint is found to be unrelated to an MCC violation. Citizens are therefore, encouraged to use the ECI main website for lodging the complaints or call at 1950.
      cVIGIL Citizen Mobile App (Android)   cVIGIL Citizen Mobile App (iPhone)  cVIGIL Investigator, Observer and Monitor App

    • Suvidha Candidate App

      By ECI, in Candidate Suvidha App,

      Suvidha Candidate app for contesting candidates.
      The Election Commission Of India is working towards easing Candidates procedure for filing nomination and permission during the election period. The nomination and permission is filed through web application namely SUVIDHA.To make it accessible for the candidate to check the status and updates of his application we have created Candidate Mobile App.
      This app allows candidates to check the status of their nominations and permissions filed via SUVIDHA.
      The application has two main module 
      Nomination: Candidate can view the status of his nomination. The candidate has an option to view the affidavit and receipt.
        Permission: Here a candidate may view the details of permissions request filed by himself. The permission status and total count is displayed in this section.    
      Suvidha Candidate App (Android)


    • PwD App

      By ECI, in PwD App,

      In order to facilitate the Persons with Disability, Election commission of India has developed an android based mobile application i.e. PwD App. This is a pioneered application which provides the facility of informing the voter themselves as a person with the disability so that the same can be reflected in the electoral roll. With the convenience of simple clicks, the person with disabilities can request for registering themselves as electors. Upon receiving the request the election commission will ensure that the booth level officer will reach the doorstep. 

      Facilitations that Makes the App Unique:
      ECI is now taking a proactive approach to reach out to the voters with disabilities, to offer all the electoral services such as:
      Inform About Your Disability: The App allows the person with disabilities to mark them as PwD voter by entering their EPIC number only and it will automatically fetch their details. Voice Access and select to speak features are also available for the visually impaired person which increases the accessibility of the app.

      Request For New Voter ID Registration: The seamless and perfect tool, which allows the PwDs to register as a new voter with the minimal information. While creating this app, we kept the convenience of PwDs in mind. Registration will only require the name and address of the person and, the rest work would be done by the Election Commission.

      Request For Transfer:  When a voter relocates from one geographical location or one constituency to another, their voting districts or state also changes, which may require lots of struggle and documentation work, but this PwD app will shorten the struggle during transfer which is one of the paramount requirement.

      Request For Updation: Any correction, addition, or deletion in your voter ID card can easily be done, using this amazing feature of the application. 

      Request For Wheelchair: The inclusion of PwDs voter is essential, in the election process to offer them the feeling of equality. Providing wheelchair is the first step to give them the equality and dignity to cast a vote.

      Find Polling Booth: To make the polling stations accessible for Persons with Disabilities booth locator feature has been included in the app. Booth locator helps the user to find the location and direct them to the booth location from the current location. 
      Navigate to Polling Booth: Incorporation and integration of Google Maps help the PwDs voters to easily navigate the polling booths during the elections. Also, the voter will getthe proper assistance from the electoral team.

      On-Call Support: In order to make it more comfortable for persons with disabilities, ECI offers the on-call support (Toll-free: 1950). The assistance related to any electoral services would be provided to the user by taking his/her minimal information like name, number or address only. The PwDs would never be asked to leave their comfort zone to get the task done.

      Interaction Controls: TalkBack feature which allows the interaction using speech, vibration, and audible feedback for users who are unable to operate smartphones. The enlarged graphics like text and icons, High contrast themes, Structured headlines, and better typography enhances the readability of the content.

      Easy To Use: This App has been designed keeping easy and interactive user interface in view. The content has been classified based upon the user's disability. PwD users with minimal technical knowledge can easily use the app to claim all the benefits like the request for a wheelchair, mark as PwD, and others without leaving their home.

      Election Commission Of India took this initiative to treat the PwDs as equal to others, and contributed towards making the polling stations accessible and voter-friendly for the PwDs as they will be getting the assistance and other services on the poll day. 
      PWD App App (Android)

    • Voter Helpline App

      By ECI, in Voter Helpline App,

      The ICT division of Election Commission of India has undertaken a new initiative by designing a mobile application for developing a culture of avid electoral engagement and making informed and ethical ballot decisions among citizens of the country. The application was first launched on 30th August 2018 and was brought to major use using Lok Sabha Elections of 2019
      This app will allow users to easily find the information they are looking for. Citizens can browse the app based on their own interests and learn more about the Election Process in a more engaging way. 

      The Election Commission of India has significantly modernized this Citizen interface to accommodate a growing user-base, as the Election Commission of India continues to branch out into new technology areas and caters for massive information dissemination requirements for its 87.5 Crore Electors during the General Elections.

      Electoral Search by Details or by using EPIC Number Register to Vote for New Voter Registration Apply for new voter ID card/due to shifting from AC, Transposition within the assembly, Deletion/objection in the electoral roll, Correction of entries in the electoral roll, Apply online for registration of overseas voters. All types of NVSP Forms Submission, notification and status updates will be available in a few clicks only. Tags based frequently asked questions (FAQs) for a better understanding of the Electoral Process. Tags categories include: When, Who, Why, Where, What, How Access to Articles/Galleries published on the website of ECI and SVEEP. News, Press Releases from Election Commission of India. Registration of any Complaint Search your Name by in Electoral Roll by EPIC Number or Barcode of EPIC Card. View contesting candidate profile and affidavit. (GE 2019)  
      Voter Helpline Mobile App (Android)   Voter Helpline Mobile App (iPhone)

ECI Main Website

ECI Main websiteThe Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India. The body administers elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies in India, and the offices of the President and Vice President in the country. The Election Commission operates under the authority of Constitution per Article 324, and subsequently enacted Representation of the People Act. 

Voter Helpline App

Voter HelplineDownload our Mobile App 'Voter Helpline' from Play Store and App Store. The  App 'Voter Helpline' provides you easy searching of your name in Electoral Roll, filling up online forms, knowing about Elections, and most importantly, lodging grievance. You will have access to everything about Election Commission of India. You can view the latest Press release, Current News, Events, Gallery and much more. You can also track your form application and status of your grievance. Click here to download. Don't forget to give your feedback from the link provided within the Application.

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