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                From the Election Commissioner of India

                                                                    n a democracy, elections are about the people of the country, their choices and
                                                                    their aspirations. The role of the Commission is to ensure that the democratic

                                                                 Iright of the people is preserved and each and every eligible voter participates
                                                                  in elections. In terms of magnitude and complexity, the Indian General election
                                                                  is massive management exercise. With 911.9 million electors from varying state

                                                                  demography, the endeavor for successful election requires a meticulous blueprint
                                                                  and massive taskforce.

                                                                  While the entire Commission worked tirelessly to manage the electoral operation,

                                                                  the entire election machinery comprising 12 million on field polling officials across
                                                                  the nation, worked in tandem with the ECI, conducting elections successfully. The

                                                                  road to democracy in India is paved with bravery, perseverance and determination
                                                                  of election functionaries, who have been instrumental in overcoming multiple
                                                                  hurdles to ensure free, fair, smooth, transparent, inclusive and accessible elections.

                                                                  It gives me immense pride to share this Atlas, which documents all important facts
                                                                  about this giant exercise.

                                                                  I wish to dedicate this book to the entire team with the Commission who ensured
                                                                  the smooth facilitation of the colossal election, strongly upholding the pillar of our
                                                                  Indian democracy.

                                                                                                                                        Anup Chandra Pandey
                                                                                                                                        Election Commissioner
                                                                                                                                  Election Commission of India

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