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            From the Election Commissioner of India

                                                                      onducting elections in the world’s largest democracy is a vibrant and

                                                                      gigantic task involving a mind-boggling number of both electors and
                                                             Celection officials. In order to facilitate a smooth polling experience for
                                                             911.9 million electors, across 10,37,848 polling stations 12 million polling

                                                             officials were deployed to conduct the 17  General Elections to the Lok Sabha.
                                                             Such massive numbers indicate that elections in India have its own challenges in
                                                             terms of sheer scale, size, diversity and complexity besides logistics for men and

                                                             materials management.

                                                             The Commission has always addressed the challenges with professionalism,

                                                             commitment, integration of state-of-the-art technologies, structured consultations
                                                             with the stakeholders, strategic interventions and meticulous planning down to the
                                                             polling station level.

                                                             The 17  General Elections was aptly termed as ‘Desh Ka Mahatyohar’ as it was
                                                             the biggest celebration of democracy across the world. It gives me immense pride

                                                             to mention that this humongous election was conducted in an informed, inclusive,
                                                             accessible, transparent and ethical manner and a resounding success with highest
                                                             ever Voter Turnout of 67.4%. One of the remarkable achievements of this election

                                                             was the higher percentage of voting by female voters (67.18%) than that of by the
                                                             male voters (67.02%) at the poll at the polling stations. 23 States/UTs had higher

                                                             turnout of female vote percentage than that of male vote percentage.

                                                             This book compiles the implausible data and statistics regarding the 17  Lok Sabha
                                                             Elections which was conducted across 543 Parliamentary Constituencies. The

                                                             book includes interesting facts about the elections, some heartwarming anecdotes
                                                             from remote corners of the countries and inspiring images which depict faith of
                                                             the common man in electoral process in India. I am hopeful that academicians,

                                                             researchers and other stakeholders would find this atlas useful.

                                                             I dedicate this book to the unsung heroes who crossed all barriers to come together

                                                             to make the election a major victory for every Indian.

                                                                                                                                               Rajiv Kumar
                                                                                                                                    Election Commissioner
                                                                                                                              Election Commission of India

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