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            From the Chief Election Commissioner of India

                                                                   lections in India witness the close involvement of each and every citizen.

                                                                   With over 911 million electors, the recent General elections created history.
                                                             EIndian elections witness millions of election officials working on ground
                                                             with stakeholders from various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), numerous

                                                             Corporations and the assistance from each Government Department. Undoubtedly,
                                                             conducting the world’s largest democratic exercise is a gargantuan task.

                                                             It gives me great pleasure to state that the General Elections to the 17  Lok Sabha
                                                             of 2019 were truly an extraordinary feat for the world’s largest democracy. This
                                                             election saw the highest voter turnout percentage as well as a higher female voter

                                                             turnout percentage than male voter turnout percentage, for the first time in the
                                                             history of Indian elections.

                                                             I would like to highlight the importance of the voter as well as the electoral

                                                             machinery in achieving this magnificent feat. Although we have a long way
                                                             to go, each step ahead is a step in the right direction for the growth of our

                                                             vibrant democracy.

                                                             When administering elections of this scale and magnitude, it is imperative that the
                                                             Election Management Body be equipped with an exhaustive dataset that empowers

                                                             strategic interventions based on statistics. I am proud to present this Atlas to you.
                                                             An exhaustive document of information pertaining to the electoral process, this shall
                                                             serve as a comprehensive analysis of data collected in General Elections to the

                                                             17  Lok Sabha.
                                                             I dedicate this book to the statisticians, cartographers and data analysts who have

                                                             been involved in collating this information. Lastly, I dedicate this book to you, the
                                                             voter, for being the foundation of our democratic nation.

                                                                                                                                          Sushil Chandra

                                                                                                                            Chief Election Commissioner
                                                                                                                           Election Commission of India

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