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On the cover

                                                                                  India is the largest and one of the most diverse

                                                                                  democracies of the world. To represent this

                                                                                  diversity and multi-culturalism, various folk art
                                                                                  styles are depicted on the cover of this book which
                                                                                  are as follows:

                                                                                        Patchitra Kali Ghat Painting Style

                                                                                        Madhubani Painting Style
                                                                                        Phad Style
                                                                                        Gond Style

                                                                                        Warli Style

                                                                                        Kalamkari
                                                                                        Kerala Temple Mural Style
                                                                                        Satriya School

                 Editorial Team

                 Chandra Bhushan Kumar,
                 Dy. Election Commissioner of India

                 Sharat Chander, Director, SVEEP
                 Mukesh Meena, Director, EDM

                 Aarti Aggarwal, Sr. Consultant, SVEEP
                 Sonal Gupta, Executive, SVEEP

                 Sanchari Dasgupta, Executive, SVEEP
                 Saket Ambarkhane, Program Manager, IIIDEM

                 Design Team

                 Support: F. R. Kharkongor, CEO Meghalaya

                 Cover:   Neeraj Sahai, Picture Street
                 Design:   Syed Salahuddin

                 Maps:   Gaurav Kumar, Cartographer, ECI
                            Sunny Kumar, Cartographer, ECI

                 The content, photographs and illustrations
                 available in the book can be utilized

                 with due acknowledgement to the                                                 June, 2021 (Jyeshtha - Ashadha २०७८)
                 Election Commission of India.
                                                                                                 Published by

                 Disclaimer: In this Atlas, all data pertains                                    Election Commission of India
                 to General Elections of Lok Sabha 2019                                          Nirvachan Sadan,
                 as provided in the Index Cards approved                                         Ashoka Road

                 by Returning Officers of 543 Parliamentary                                      New Delhi- 110 001
                 Constituencies. All other data is taken from                          

                 published reports of previous elections in the
                 Commission, which is available at ECI website.                                  Book Code: 324.6.EDM.OT.001.2021

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