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                                                        ACs              Assembly Constituencies

                                                        AE               Assembly Election

                                                        AERO             Assistant Electoral Registration Officer

                                                        ARO              Assistant Returning Officer

                                                        BLO              Booth Level Officer

                                                        CEO              Chief Electoral Officer

                                                        CER              Conduct of Election Rules

                                                        DEO              District Election Officer

                                                        ECI              Election Commission of India

                                                        EIS              Election Information Slip

                                                        EPIC             Electoral Photo Identity Card

                                                        EPR              Electors Population Ratio

                                                        ERO              Electoral Registration Officer

                                                        EVMs             Electronic Voting Machines

                                                        GE               General Election

                                                        LA               Legislative Assembly

                                                        LS               Lok Sabha

                                                        MCC              Model Code of Conduct

                                                        MPS              Model Polling Station

                                                        NCT              National Capital Territory

                                                        NOTA             None Of The Above

                                                        PB               Postal Ballot

                                                        PCs              Parliamentary Constituencies

                                                        PS               Polling Station

                                                        PwD              Persons with Disabilities

                                                        RO               Returning Officer

                                                        RP Act           Representation of People Act 1950/1951

                                                        SC               Scheduled Castes

                                                        SST              Special Surveillance Team

                                                        ST               Scheduled Tribes

                                                        UT               Union Territory

                                                        VVPAT            Voter-Verifiable Paper Audit Trail System

                                                        Elector: A person enrolled in the electoral roll.
                                                        Voter: An elector who cast his/her vote in an election.


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