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  2. ECI

    Chief Election Commissioner Sh. Sunil Arora

    Sh Sunil Arora Chief Election Commissioner
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    EVM Credibility: Technological and Administrative safeguards
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    The Commission's Direction bearing No. 576/3/EVM/ECI/LET/FUNC/JUD/SDRIVol.l/2018, dated 10th December, 2018, issued In pursuance of Section 61A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, specifying 72-Jasdan Assembly Constituency in Gujarat and 71-Kolebira(ST) Assembly Constituency in Jharkhand, as the Constituencies where giving and recording of votes at the current bye­ elections to the State Legislative Assembly, notified on 26-11-2018 shall be by means of Electronic Voting Machines.
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    Direction issued by the Commission in terms of second proviso to sub-rule (1) of Rule 23 of the Conduct of Elections Rules, 196I, laying down the manner of transmitting postal ballot papers electronically for transmission of postal ballots for service voters at the current bye-elections from 72-Jasdan Assembly Constituency in Gujarat & 71-Kolebira(ST) Assembly Constituency in Jharkhand
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    Commission's Order dated 10th December, 2018, regarding identification of electors at the current bye-Elections to the State Legislative Assembly, notified on 26-11-2018 from 72-Jasdan Assembly Constituency in Gujarat and 71-Kolebira(ST) Assembly Constituency in Jharkhand.
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    The Commission's Notification No. 576/Exit/ECI/LET/FUNCIJUD/SDRIVoU/2018, dated 10th December,20l8 with the request that this may be published in an extraordinary issue of the State gazette and a copy thereof may be sent to the Commission for record. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned including news bureaus, media houses, radio and television channels etc.
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    ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001 No. 590/IIIDEM/Hotel Empanelment/2018/Trg.I Dated- 13th December, 2018 NOTICE In continuation to the tender document of even no. dated 29th November, 2018 and due to certain issues arises for clarification by bidders, the date for submission of bids have been revised and extended as per following schedules:- S.No. Description Date and Time (IST) 1 Last Date of Submission of Bid 20th December, 2018 – 03:00 pm 2 Technical Bid Opening 21st December, 2018 – 03:00 pm 3 Financial Bid Opening 24th December, 2018 – 03:00 pm Yours faithfully, (A. Mona Sreenivas) Director Extension of dates for submission of bid for empanelment of Hotels- Regarding.
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    ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001 No. 590/IIIDEM/Hotel Empanelment/2018/Trg.I Dated- 13th December, 2018 To, All the bidders participated in the Pre-bid meeting for empanelment of Hotels for providing boarding and lodging services. Sub:- Clarification regarding tender for empanelment of hotels for providing boarding and lodging services. Sir, With reference to the Commission’s tender no.590/IIIDEM/Hotel Empanelment/2018/Trg.I dated 29th Nov., 2018 on the subject cited above. I am directed to state that Commission has clarified some queries raised by the bidders regarding tender for empanelment of hotels for providing boarding and lodging services : Sr. No. Query Suggested Reply 1 There are three geographical locations mentioned in the tender – NDMC area, Aerocity area and Dwarka area. The major areas covered under each category of geographical location in the tender may be specified. Aerocity Area: Hotels located in aero city area including Mahipalpur. Dwarka area: Hotels located in any sector in Dwarka or close to Dwarka NDMC area:- Area under NDMC limits 2 Since to obtain a 4 or 5 star ratings by the hotel necessary prior approvals from local authorities like Police, Fire department, FSSAI etc are required to be taken, therefore, there should be provision to tick mark for these items in the technical bid format. Documents should not be made compulsory to be attached along with technical bid. Only the Star rating certificate may be enclosed. The bidders may tick mark the items in the technical bid format as “Yes or No”. No need to enclose certificates of local authorities in those categories. 3 Airport pick up and drop may be made on per car basis. Rate to be quoted per participants for Airport pick and drop (both ways). Airport pick up and drop is mandatory whether Hotel quotes rate or not. If hotel does not quote rate for airport pick up and drop, the bid will still be valid but the hotel will provide this facility without charging on it. 4. The Format “C” for audio visual requirement is to be made applicable to both kinds of requirements. Format ‘A’ – related to accommodation, food, airport pick up and drop etc. In this case participants will be staying in the hotel. Format ‘B’- related to work shop or conferences only. The charges for audio visual equipment will be part of both the quotes in Format “A” and Format “B” separately. The financial evaluation will be done on the basis of Format “A” + Format “C” and Format “B” + Format “C” separately. 5. The charges on audio visual may not be taken into consideration for evaluating financial bids. IIIDEM may chose it’s own agency for this services as these services are outsourced by hotel also and vary from hotel to hotel. The charges for audio visual equipment for the items mentioned in Format “C” have to be quoted. 6. Charges for welcome dinner Charges for welcome dinner may be quoted for non residents only who may attend the same. No separate charges for dinner in case of residents be quoted as this is already included in the accommodation item itself. 7. How the empanelment will be done Based on quotes, the L1 will be selected. Other technically qualified bidders will be given chance to match the L1 rates. Those who agree with the L1 rates will be empanelled along with the Hotel who has quoted L1 rates. For bookings first chance will be given to the L1. If that hotel expresses non availability, offer will be made to other hotels based on requirement of IIIDEM. Yours faithfully, ( A Mona Sreenivas ) Director
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    Law Related to Offences and Corrupt Practices
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    Annual Audit Report of Samajwadi Party
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    Annual Audit Report of Maharastra Navnirman Sena
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    Annual Audit Report of Aam Aadmi Party
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    Annual Audit Reports filled by Recognised State Party Hill State People's Democratic Party
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    PRESS NOTE Subject : Dissemination of Trends and Results of General Elections of 5 Assemblies on 11th December, 2018. Election Commission has set up a robust, foolproof and secure infrastructure facility for disseminating Trends and Results of General Elections of 5 Assemblies through its popular website http://eciresults.nic.in that will start functioning from 8.00 AM on 11th December, 2018 and will show updates continuously. The ICT solution captures number of votes secured by the contesting candidates round wise and after compilation shows Assembly / Constituency wise, Political party wise and Candidate wise trends. It is worthwhile to mention that this website has a track record of very large number of hits ranging from 36 Million to 16 Billion in a day in the past when trends were disseminated. The website can also be accessed through https://eci.gov.in website, which is the main official website of the Election Commission of India.
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    Counting of votes for General/Bye Elections to the House of People/State Legislative Assembly – Counting Procedure – regarding.
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    Adequate precautions for safety and security of strong rooms – regarding.
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    Deployed Expenditure Observer - Bye Election Gujarat (72-Jasdan AC)
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    Deployed Expenditure Observer - Bye Election Jharkhand (71-Kolebira AC)
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    GE to Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 2018 - W.P. No. 28106/2018 Naresh Saraf versus Election Commission of India – Order of High Court of Madhya Pradesh Main Seat at Jabalpur This petition has been filed expressing concern over the alleged lack of sufficient security in some districts in respect of polled/unused EVMs and VVPATs in the assembly election in the State, which went to poll on November 28, 2018. High Court Decision: Download the full decision. Also read: GE to Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 2018 - Letter to INC on their complaint dated 04.12.2018 - regarding
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    Counting Observer - Telangana
  25. ECI

    Counting Observer - Mizoram



    Counting Observer - Mizoram
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    Counting Observer - Rajasthan
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    Counting Observer - Madhya Pradesh
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    Counting Observer-Chhattisgarh
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    All India Forward Bloc (Contribution Report 2017-18)
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