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    Form 21D & 21E of 1- Mandrem AC, 5 - Mapusa AC, 11 - Panaji AC & 22 - Siroda AC
  3. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 24.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 24.05.2019
  4. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 23.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 23.05.2019
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    Memorandum submitted by 22 Political Parties regarding process to be followed for counting of VVPAT Slips in General Elections-2019 reg.
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    Urgent Plea for safeguarding of Electronic Voting Machine reg.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    VVPAT Counting Sequence to remain as per Supreme Court Approved guidelines: ECI
  9. Election Planning Division



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    No. ECI/PN/58/2019 Dated: 22nd May, 2019 Press Note General Election to the House of the People – 2019 Real-Time Dissemination of Counting Day Trends and Results The Counting of Votes for General Election to the House of the People – 2019 shall be held on 23rd May, 2019. In this regard, the Commission has come up with a new IT based initiative, which will enable the system in providing real-time trends and results of the vote counting across the States/UTs. The counting trends and results will be available on the ECI Website at the URL as well as on the Voter Helpline App, both iOS and Android Mobile Apps. The dissemination will start functioning from 8.00 a.m. on the Counting Day and would be continuously updated. The Voter Helpline App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. For the first time, the citizens can use a smart phone to know the results. They can use the available filter to find out the winning/leading or trailing candidate details, along with the Constituency-wise or State-wise results from the Voter Helpline App. The citizens can bookmark their favourite candidate and watch the real-time results, as per their convenience on the Voter Helpline App or make a wish list to track the real-time status. The local display of the trends and results by the CEOs/ROs/DEOs will also be done through the Digital Display Panels provided by Election Commission of India.
  11. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 22.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 22.05.2019
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    Issues regarding counting of VVPAT slips: Non-deletion of mock poll data from the Control Unit or non-removal of mock poll slips from VVPAT- counting of votes thereof and mismatch in Mandatory Verification process- regarding.
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    Storage of EVMs and VVPATs after counting of votes-clarification-Regarding.
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    Mandatory verification of VVPAT paper -regarding.
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    No. 464/INST/EPS-2019 Dated: 21st May, 2019 To The Chief Electoral Officer of, All the States/Union Territories. Subject: Carrying of Mobile Phone by Returning Officers/ Assistant Returning Officers inside the Counting Hall – reg. Reference: 1. The ECI’s instruction No.470/INST/2014-EPS, dated 8th May, 2014. 2. The ECI’s instruction No.470/INST/2014-EPS, dated 15th May, 2014. Sir/Madam, I am directed to invite your attention to the Commission’s instructions referred above and to state that in view of inception of Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot Paper System (RTPBS) wherein One-Time Password (OTP) is received on mobile phones, the Commission has directed that on the day of counting, (i) Only that mobile phone of the RO/ARO/Counting supervisor/s, linked to ETPBS, to be used to receive ‘OTP’ to log into ETPBS to start counting thereof have to be brought inside the counting hall; (ii) The mobile handsets will be switched on only to receive ‘OTP’ and be switched off once the system is logged on to ETPBS; (iii) Inside the counting hall, such mobile handsets are to be kept in the custody of ARO/RO/Observer, whosoever is the senior most officer in the Counting Hall for ETPBS counting, in switched off mode till the counting is over. (iv) In case login is closed for some reasons, Counting Supervisor can get the mobile from the officer to whom the mobile set was submitted to receive OTP once again for enabling him to re-login, and after re-login, he should return the mobile to same officer in switched off mode. (v) A declaration be got signed by all users separately about Dos and Don’ts for mobile usage. (vi) Specific permission be sought from concerned CEO for number of users in each case with the requisite mobile phone numbers being used. Mobile phones are to be allowed inside the Counting hall for all such users.
  16. Communication

    Control room at ECI

    Version 1.0.0


    No. ECI/PN/57/2019 Dated: 21st May, 2019 Press Note Control room at ECI A 24 hour EVM Control Room has been made functional at Nirvachan Sadan to monitor complaints relating to polled EVMs. The complaints related to storage issues at strongrooms, security of strongrooms, permissions to candidates to post their agents at strongrooms, cctv monitoring, movement of any EVMs, and any complaints during counting related to EVMs can be informed at control room number is 011-23052123 (with 5 hunting lines)
  17. Observer Planing Section



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  19. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 21.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 21.05.2019
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    Election Commission of India Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001 No. ECI/PN/56/2019 Dated: 21st May, 2019 PRESS NOTE Subject: Polled EVMs are absolutely safe in Strongrooms Certain complaints of alleged movement of EVMs, purportedly to replace the polled EVMs in the strongrooms, have been doing the rounds in sections of media. Election Commission of India would like to emphatically and unambiguously clarify that all such reports and allegations are absolutely false, and factually incorrect. The visuals seen viral on media do not pertain to any EVMs used during the polls. After the close of polls, all polled EVMs and VVPATs are brought under security cover to the designated strongrooms, which is sealed with double locks, in the presence of the candidates and in the presence of Observers of the Election Commission. The entire process of storage and sealing of the strongroom is covered under videography. Continuous CCTV coverage is done till completion of counting. Each strongroom is guarded with round-the-clock security by Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). Further, the candidates or their designated agents remain present at the strongroom for 24X7 vigil at all times. On the counting day, the strongrooms are opened in the presence of the candidates/agents and Observer under videography. Before the counting of EVMs commences, the counting agents are shown the address tags, seals and serial number of the EVMs to satisfy themselves to the genuineness and authenticity of the machinesused in the actual polls. The provisions and protocols have been explained to the political parties on multiple occasions including in several of the 93 meetings held with them at the Commission since announcement of elections. All Chief Electoral Officers and District Election Officers have again been advised to brief the candidates on the elaborate counting arrangements. As can be appreciated, the detailed administrative protocols, security framework and procedural guidelines mandated by the Commission completely foreclose and pre-empt the possibility of any mischief or manipulation in the polled EVMs and VVPATs stored in the designated strongrooms under the 24X7 watch of the CAPF as well as the candidates. The aspersions in clips being used in media merely pertain to the storage or movement of Reserve unused EVMs. However any case of lapse even in handling of Reserve EVMs is thoroughly investigated and disciplinary action taken against the officers responsible. An EVM Control Room no. 011- 23052123 will also be functioning at Nirvachan Sadan for handling any EVM related complaints till the completion of counting. This will become operative from 11 am on 22.5.2019.
  21. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 20.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 20.05.2019
  22. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 19.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 19.05.2019
  23. SDR Division

    Counting of votes-regarding


    I am directed to refer to the Commission’s letters No. 470/2003/JS.II dated 25th November, 2003 and 470/2009/EPS dated 21st January, 2009 regarding Counting of Votes. It was, inter-alia, directed that the penultimate round of EVM counting is not be taken up until the counting of all Postal Ballot Papers is completed. There is also an instruction that if victory margin is less than the number of postal ballot papers, re-verification of all postal ballot papers should be carried out by the Returning Officer. 2. With the introduction of ETPBS and casting of postal ballot by election duty staff at the facilitation centre, the number of postal ballot papers for counting has gone up considerably. Further, with the requirement of mandatory QR code reading for the ETPBS, the postal ballot counting will now require more time. Moreover, there is a mandatory VVPAT slips count of five Polling Stations per Assembly Segment in addition to the cases of VVPAT count that may be required on account of other reasons, such as CU not being cleared after mock poll, the CU not displaying the results at the time of counting, etc. 3. In view of the above, the Commission has reviewed the above referred instructions and the modified instructions are as follows: - (i) The instruction that the penultimate round of EVM counting should be taken up only after completion of Postal Ballot counting is withdrawn. Accordingly, the EVM counting can go on irrespective of the stage of Postal Ballot counting. Once the EVM counting is completed, the VVPAT slips counting can start as per the prescribed procedure for counting VVPAT slips. (ii) The Commission’s instruction for mandatory re-counting of all postal ballot papers on the ground that the margin of victory is less than the number of postal ballot has been revised to the effect that where the margin of victory is less than the number of Postal Ballot papers rejected as invalid at the time of counting, all the rejected Postal Ballot papers shall be mandatorily re-verified by the Returning Officer before declaration of result. Whenever, such re-verification is done, the entire proceedings should be video-graphed as per the instructions in paragraph 7 of the Commission’s letter No. 470/2009/EPS dated 21-01-2009, referred to above
  24. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 18.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 18.05.2019 68 kb
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  26. Expenditure Division

    Seizure report as on 17.05.2019


    Seizure report as on 17.05.2019
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    (i) Filing up Part II of Form 17C and furnishing copies to counting agents. There are already Commission’s instructions, that Part-II of Form-17C should be separately typed out giving the names of candidates in column-2, and the result on individual tables for each round are to be entered against the names of candidates in this list. This is to be prepared in duplicate using carbon paper. The carbon copy will be used for taking multiple photocopies for supplying copy each to the counting agents at the respective table. Returning Officers should take care that the names of candidates entered in this list is exactly as per the order in the ballot paper used on the BU. For duplicate copy, carbon copy may be used so that there is no discrepancy between the two copies. Original copy will go to RO’s table for round-wise tabulation. (ii) Randomization of counting staff. In the case of counting for Parliamentary Constituency, where the counting locations for any assembly segment is far away from the headquarters of the Returning Officer, the second randomization of counting staff may be permitted to be done up to 48 hours before commencement of counting. Wherever it is proposed to be done so, i.e. earlier than 24 hours prior to commencement of counting, approval has to be obtained by the respective Returning Officer from the Chief Electoral Officer. (iii) Counting of VVPAT slips when more than one VVPAT is used in a Polling Station. In such cases if VVPAT slips are to be counted, counting should be done separately for each VVPAT used in a polling station. (iv) No. of counting tables for counting Postal Ballots As per the Commission’s instructions, there shall be a maximum of 4 tables, and in each round, a maximum of 500 postal ballot papers should be distributed to each table. In the constituencies where the number of postal ballot papers is high, RO is permitted to have more counting tables for postal ballot papers subject to the condition that there has to be an ARO for each such table. Accordingly, proposals for appointment of additional AROs for this purpose should be submitted for approval of the Commission well in advance.
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